Hamish and the Gravity Burp book

This may look like just a completely and utterly ordinary book. But it’s not.


This book knows something terrifying – that the people of Earth face their gravest, grimmest threat yet. Gulp!


When Hamish arrives home to find his mum and his brother lying flat on their backs ON THE CEILING, he knows there’s something seriously wrong (again) in the town of Starkley.


What is the strange burping noise he keeps hearing? Why are weird seeds suddenly falling from the sky? And should he be worried about the odd woman with a cone around her neck?


All Hamish and his gang, the PDF (Pause Defence Force), can be sure of is that an adventure is coming…


And that means two things:

1. You have to be prepared

2. You have to prepare a sandwich


Meet the cool characters!



Hamish and the Gravity Burp book

Codename: The Timekeeper

Department: Ministry of Finding Stuff Out!

Special skills: Can eat six Chomps in under a minute.

Signature moves: The Vespa Vault and The Blackbird!

Secret fact: Hamish Ellerby’s biggest secret is yet to be revealed…



Hamish and the Gravity Burp book

Codename: Muscles

Department: Innovations and Weapons of Mass Distraction.

Special skills: Super soup-ups of any kind of vehicle.

Signature move: The Guilty Lizard (no one really knows what this is).

Secret fact: Buster can’t keep a secret. Don’t tell anyone. He’ll do that himself.



Hamish and the Gravity Burp book

Codename: Control

Department: Head Office.

Special skills: A cool head in the face of danger.

Signature moves: The Brow Furrow, The Withering Glance, The Elbow Chop.

Secret fact: Scared of the dark. But will never, EVER admit it.



Hamish and the Gravity Burp book

Codename: Doesn’t need one

Department: Whatevs.

Special skills: Just being himself, yo.

Signature move: The Casual Smirk, The Wry Comment, The Slick Quiff.

Secret fact: He reeeally wishes he was in a boyband. He wants to call it M’agickalGoldenBoyz and dress all in denim. Please don’t tell his friends (especially Buster).


Win wicked prizes!

Hamish and the Gravity Burp book

Fancy getting your hands on some awesome Hamish goodies? You can win an incredible original illustration of Hamish??? – signed by the author himself??! – plus you’ll scoop a copy of Hamish and the Gravity Burp and a brilliant bag, too!

Two lucky runners up will each win a copy of the book and a bag each, too. Wahoo!

Click here to enter the competition!


Hamish and the Gravity Burp is out now!

Head to worldofhamish.com for more adventures!




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