Check out this hilarious and heart warming new book by author Gary Haq.

My Dad, the Earth Warrior is the story of a boy and his dad who reconnect their distant relationship as they set out together on a mission to save Mother Earth!

Hero and his dad aren’t exactly close. Annoyingly, all that Hero’s dad is interested in is reading his encyclopaedias and filling his head with useless facts. Groan…

But one day during a blistering heatwave, Dad has an accident and gets trapped under a big pile of his own books. Oh no! After a nasty bump to the head, Dad wakes up with a radical new personality. He claims he’s an Earth Warrior and his mission is to protect the environment from evils like climate change!

But Dad’s new eco-friendly crusade is soon put to the test when he comes up against a ruthless energy tycoon.

If that’s not enough for Hero, his gran suddenly disappears under mysterious circumstances, too. So Hero and Dad are forced to go on a dangerous adventure to save her before it’s too late.

How will they save Gran? Will Hero ever get his old dad back? And will they ever be the same again?





Meet the Characters


Hero loves football and longs to go to the World Cup. But that looks in doubt  when Dad turns Earth Warrior. Hero is determined to get his old Dad back but first has to stop him from getting into trouble.





When Hero’s Mum died, Dad became a boring book worm, spending all his time updating his encyclopaedia collection. But one day, he wakes up thinking he is Terra Firma – an Earth Warrior sent to protect Mother Earth.




Gran likes to tell stories. In fact she never stops telling stories! She’s also had many adventures travelling around the world on her Harley Davidson motorbike with her dear friend – Ethel.





Mr Vump is a ruthless energy tycoon. Together with his gang of henchmen, he will stop at nothing to achieve his energy revolution.






Awesome Author

Gary Haq is a real-life earth warrior whose day job is saving the planet! He undertakes research on global environmental issues. This means he spends his working days thinking about how we can best combat climate change.

With his hilarious first book My Dad, the Earth Warrior, Gary hopes to alert people to the huge dangers we face because of climate change  – such as flooding, heatwaves and violent storms – and inspire us all to become earth warriors, too!


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