General Entertainment

BrainBox: Animals

Brace yourselves for a wonderfully wild, super-fun game!
General Animals

10 facts about polar bears!

Discover these brilliant beasts of the Arctic…
General Kids Club

Super Swamp Animals

Make your way down to the murky swamplands and meet two incredible reptiles in this exciting schleich® WILD LIFE set!
General Kids Club


Get up close to some cool creatures from the Australian outback* with the amazingly detailed, hand-painted, schleich WILD LIFE® range!
General Animals

10 terrific tiger facts!

Check out these seriously-fierce feline facts!

10 facts about honey bees!

Find out all about our brilliant bees!
Book Club

Would you rather? Animals

Silly scenarios and questions for guaranteed family fun!
General Animals

10 brilliant bat facts!

Discover these fantastic flying mammals…
General Kids Club

Let’s make a change: habitat destruction!

Learn why it’s so important that we protect out planet’s natural habitats…

Find it! Explore it!

National Geographic Kids Find it! Explore it! books are out from 1 April.
General Animals

10 facts about wombats!

Check out these cute, clever creatures…
General Entertainment

Australia’s Deadly Animals Bingo!

Check out this classic game with a fearsome new twist!

Animal Memory!

Can you find the matching pairs of animals?


Meet the man who can talk to animals

The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals

Discover some of the world’s wackiest creatures in this awesome new book!
General Animals

Dr Jane Goodall interview!

Find out more about this amazing primatologist who has changed the way we see our closest animal cousins…

Australian Summer at Longleat

Prepare yourselves for summer down under at Longleat

Pig Facts Primary Resource

How much do you know about these surprising swine?

Red Wolves Primary Resource

Learn all about these beautiful, rare animals…
General Entertainment

Go wild with BURGER KING®!

Sink your teeth into some fab, foodie fun!

Sun Bear Primary Resource

Discover the secrets of these super-cute creatures…

Spider Facts Primary Resource

Learn about our planet’s awesome arachnids…

Seahorse Primary Resource

Get the lowdown on these cool, quirky sea creatures!

Ocean Crossword Primary Resource

Dive deep and see if you can master this splash-tastic puzzle!

Red Panda Primary Resource

Learn all about this amazing endangered species…

We Love Pets Primary Resource

What’s your perfect pet pal…?
General Animals

Extinct Animals…

Meet some very special species whose existence came to a tragic end…
General Animals

Nat Geo Kids stickers

Discover amazing facts about all your favourite animals!

Animal myths: Fact or fiction primary resource

Evaluate evidence to discover the truth behind five super weird animal tales
General Entertainment

Unlikely Animal Friends!

Celebrate the power of friendship…

Guinness World Records:
Wild Things

Take a superlative safari of the world’s most extreme animals

ALPHA: an epic adventure about a boy and a wolf!

Get set for this spring’s most amazing epic adventure movie, ALPHA!

Satellites set to track animals from space!

Scientists want to understand more about migratory animals…

Animal friendships primary resource

Celebrate International Friendship Day with these unusual animal companions…

Black rhino primary resource

Join us on a rhino tracking adventure in Malawi!
General Animals

Scientists still stumped by zebra stripes

What is the meaning of those stripy coats?

Giraffe Primary Resource

Learn about the giraffe’s amazing adaptations and super survival skills…

Namibia primary resource

Explore the wildlife of Namibia on a classroom safari

Make a bug hotel primary resource

Make a cosy garden home for our bug buddies!

Extinct animals primary resource

Meet eight awesome species whose existence came to a tragic end…

Cute animal couples primary resource

Discover these six loved-up species this Valentine’s Day…

Quiz Whiz: Animals!

Are you a whiz on wildlife? The put your knowledge to the test…

Arctic Animals Memory Game!

Have a go at this brrr-illiant brain boggler…

Cupid’s Creatures Primary Resource

This Valentine’s Day, meet eight species with a special someone in their lives…

Polar Bear Primary Resource

Learn all about this Arctic animal
General Entertainment

Nat Geo Wild: See animal clans battle for survival!

A rare look at competing animal clans in a remote part of Africa…
General Entertainment

Nat Geo Wild: Ultimate Animal Compilations

Prepare to be amazed by a world of awesome animals, only on Nat Geo Wild…
General Animals

10 Hippo Facts!

They’re big, bulky and can deliver one serious chomp!

Animal language primary resource

Discover how gibbons use different sounding calls to mean different things
General Animals

Amazing animals who battled back from injury

Meet some amazing pet survivors!

Sea safari: Animals primary resource

Find out what’s lurking in the mangroves of Mauritius

Easter egg animals: Primary resource

Get creative and make some Easter animals using eggs

NG KiDS Heads to the Galápagos Islands!

Find out all about this incredible place and the amazing animals that live there…
General Animals

Meet the awesome animals of Malawi!

NG KiDS gets up close and personal with Malawi’s incredible wildlife!
General Animals

Meet some incredible conservation heroes!

They’re the ultimate wildlife warriors…
General Animals

10 orangutan facts!

Learn all about these awesome apes!
General Animals

Experience life as an animal with virtual-reality headsets!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…be transported into the minds of animals
General Entertainment

What is Animal Jam?

We unwravel this colourful, online world!
General Entertainment

How to play Animal Jam

We explain how to live in the world of Jamaa!

What it takes to train a penguin-protecting sheepdog – like Oddball!

Get ready for a heartwarming movie like no other…
General Animals

Spotted Hyena Facts!

Find out the fascinating truth about this supposed scavenger with our spotted
General Entertainment

7 fun and fruity animal snacks

Check out these wild ways to get your five-a-day!
General Animals

10 facts about koalas!

Learn all about these cute critters…
General Animals

Autumn Animals!

Check out our gallery of beautiful autumn animals!

The butterfly life cycle!

See the fascinating transformation from caterpillar to butterfly!
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