Excavate real fossils and gemstones and make glow-in-the-dark slime with National Geographic’s award winning science kits!


What’s so amazing about these National Geographic Science Kits?

THERE’S REAL FOSSILS and SPECIMENS – You will discover real specimens in your kits! For example, in the dig kits, there’s real dinosaur fossils! Dig up a dinosaur bone, mosasaur tooth, and dinosaur poop for your rock collection. And in the volcano kit, there’s two real volcano specimens! How cool is that?!

IT’S LIKE AN ADVENTURE – You’ll get immersed in the prehistoric era and discover amazing dinosaur facts with National Geographic’s full-colour learning guide.

YOU’LL GET COLLECTING – You will love uncovering these real fossils and starting a rock and fossil collection.

NAT GEO QUALITY – This kit is backed by National Geographic’s 100% satisfaction guarantee!


science kitsscience kits

Check out the kits you can collect!

Glow-in-the-Dark Crystal Lab: each kit includes a genuine crystal to compare to the ones you grow at home!

Real Bug Dig Kit: each kit contains genuine specimens!

Gemstone Dig Kit: each kit contains genuine specimens!

Glow in the Dark Slime Lab: each kit contains genuine specimens!

Shark Tooth Dig Kit: each kit contains genuine specimens!

Dinosaur Dig Kit: each kit contains genuine specimens!

Volcano Science Kit: These kits contain eruption powder and two volcanic specimens!

Break Open 2 Real Geodes: These include the highest quality geodes – awesome – as well as a magnifying glass and googles.


science kits

Where can you find these awesome National Geographic Science Kits?

Selected National Geographic kits available at Australian Geographic, David Jones, Kidstuff, Myer, Toymate, Toy World and all good retailers.

Fun fast fact!

A geode is a small cavity in a rock lined with crystals or other mineral matter.

Dig your way over to ugames.com.au for more awesome info!




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