Make an African ‘djembe’ Drum

Learn how to make this cool musical instrument!
General Entertainment

Extraordinary Africa!

No matter where you look in Africa, there’s always something new to discover…

Fair trade: Geography primary resource

Explore how the concept of fair trade improves the lives of farmers in the developing world
General Entertainment

Africa’s Wild Side!

Take a walk on the wild side in a fantastic new three-part series on Nat Geo WILD…

Kids’ Snakes of Southern Africa!

Check out this sss-uper new book!
Physical Geography

Nile river facts

Discover this incredible natural wonder and invaluable source of life…

Black rhino primary resource

Join us on a rhino tracking adventure in Malawi!
General Animals

Scientists still stumped by zebra stripes

What is the meaning of those stripy coats?

Namibia primary resource

Explore the wildlife of Namibia on a classroom safari
General Entertainment

Tour South Africa in VR!

Ever wanted to go on an African safari?! Now you can!

Lion Family Pride: Primary Resource

Discover how lions live and work together in the savannah
General Entertainment

Life in the rainforest primary resource

Discover the animals, insects, plants and people that make the African rainforest their home

Chimpanzee rescue: primary resource

Explore the needs of chimpanzees and the threats they face in the wild

Make an African Djembe drum

Get artistically and musically creative by crafting and decorating a Djembe drum

African Fish Eagle: Science primary resource

Discover the super strengths of this majestic bird

South Africa facts!

Discover the wonders of this incredible country!
General Animals

Meet the awesome animals of Malawi!

NG KiDS gets up close and personal with Malawi’s incredible wildlife!
General Animals

Spotted Hyena Facts!

Find out the fascinating truth about this supposed scavenger with our spotted

Ostrich facts!

Get the lowdown on the world’s biggest bird!

Kenya facts: discover this amazing African country!

Breathtaking views, spectacular wildlife and vibrant culture? Let’s go!
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