Experience another pulse-pounding adventure from the author of the epic Artemis Fowl series.

Eleven-year-old twins Myles and Beckett Fowl are wildly different. Myles is an impeccably neat brainbox, Beckett a boisterous scruffbag – and they have almost nothing in common. So when they’re left for one night in the care of NANNI, a house security system designed by their big brother – criminal mastermind Artemis – it’s unlikely anything could go wrong. Right?

Wrong! During that solitary evening, the boys befriend a one-of-a-kind fairy, discover a troll named Whistle Blower on the run from an evil immortal duke, meet a knife-wielding nun and are shot at, kidnapped, buried, arrested, threatened and even killed (just temporarily, though). Yikes!

In an epic adventure that’s fraught with danger and full of impressively hi-tech gadgets, Myles and Beckett discover just how strong the bond between twins can be….

Meet the goodies


Fantastically clever and fanatically neat, Myles is not your typical 11-year-old. Every day, he 3-D prints a sharp new suit, and slicks back his jet black hair with special seaweed gel.

This dapper brainbox (IQ of 170) is also a non-identical twin – but the pair have next to NOTHING in common (aside from their big brother, criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl).


Messy and wild, with untamed blonde curls, you’d never know animal-loving Beckett was related to the super-smart Myles – let alone that they’re twins who were once conjoined!

When they were born, the peculiar pair were fused together from wrist to little finger – but the only evidence of that now is a pink scar running along the outside of their palms.


Lazuli Heitz is a unique hero, a pixie-elf hybrid known as a pixel. She might be small in stature, but don’t underestimate this petite police officer – she has a sharp mind, a stubborn streak and she’s deadly with an Oxalis pistol. Watch out!

Meet the baddies

SISTER JERONIMA GONZALEZ-RAMOS DE ZARATE OF BILBAO AKA the Nunterrogator. Not your average nun, knife-throwing Sister Jeronima of Bilbao is on a mission to find proof of the existence of magical creatures – and she’ll stop at nothing to succeed, even if it means trespass, kidnap and her speciality, nunterrogation. Gulp!

LORD TEDDY BLEEDHAM-DRYE Also known as the Duke of Scilly, Lord Teddy is a royal thorn in the twins’ side. With his mouth permanently curled in a bitter sneer, Teddy is determined to find the secret to eternal life and will do anything to extend his life-span, including bathing with electric eels, hanging over an active volcano and now hunting the venom of a rare troll…

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