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Earth Story at the Eden Project

This summer at Eden, experience the extraordinary story of life on our planet. There’s mind-blowing virtual reality, hands-on activities and interactive exhibits that will take you on a journey through Earth’s astonishing past, precarious present day – and a future that’s ours to make.

Venture into Eden’s immersive new exhibition space, where you’ll be transported to a world of wonder. Get up close to an ice-age mammoth skeleton in the Cave of Lost Giants; marvel at the magical Cabin of Curiosities and Consequences, a showcase of the intricate web of life that connects us all together; explore Wild Britain and see the forgotten animals that roamed freely around our landscapes in the past – and discover some that are making a comeback; hear about the plants and animals on the brink of being lost forever, and be inspired by people and projects from around the world that are working to save them.

Clamber through the tunnels and nets of the Mini Beast Mansion to see the world from a new perspective, before coming face to face with a giant armadillo in the VR Zone. Take on our Ocean Clean challenge to uncover what might be lurking in its hidden depths, follow a trail to discover weird and wonderful flora and fauna from across the globe, and join the Eden storytellers for a trip to a very unusual Library; And don’t forget to visit the Eden Field Base, where you can meet a majestic (and very life-like) mountain gorilla, and hear his incredible story of hope and survival.


What can you do to help save the planet?

At Earth Story, visitors can see first‐hand how even the smallest individual actions can make a difference. You’ll learn what you can do to help keep our planet ‐ and its extraordinary inhabitants ‐ safe for the future. Here are some of the issues threatening our planet, and some of the simple ways that you can help.

Share… clothes, food, lifts, ideas …to help save resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve wildlife. Everything counts. Share what you discover, join campaigns…

Reduce…food waste, water use and energy consumption – turn it off or turn it down, buy less junk. These things are already having an impact.

Reuse …items. Replace disposable/single use items with reusable cups, bags, bottles… It works. Since 2015 we’ve cut single-use plastic bags by 86%.

Repair …and care. Value it, mend it or find someone who can mend it for you. (,

Recycle …glass, plastic, paper, anything you can. We live on a ball in space. Light comes in, heat goes out, everything else stays right here. Recycle so we don’t run out.

Grow …plants. They absorb CO2 and support wildlife. Many plants are edible. Grow your own, reduce food miles and packaging, save money and gain self-satisfaction.

Eat …more fruit and veg, less processed food, less meat and meat with a lower environmental impact (e.g. grass fed).

Compost …garden and kitchen waste at school and at home. Compost turns dead plants into long-lasting solid carbon compounds, reduces the need for artificial fertilisers (which are produced using CO2-producing fossil fuels) and helps great plants to grow.

Buy…wisely: Natural materials, local, organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, low-energy products and products that reduce pollution. Check out And …buy less.

Connect …with nature: beach clean and rubbish pick. Use plankton-friendly suncream and wash your synthetics in a guppy bag. Join insect-counting projects, plant gardens for wildlife.

Earth Story runs from 24 July3 September


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