Eden Project Weather Maker

Be one of the first explorers to cross the Eden Project’s wobbly Canopy Rope Bridge, part of their new wacky Weather Maker experience in the Rainforest Biome, launching this spring.


We’ve teamed up with Eden to offer one lucky reader a family ticket and overnight stay, read on to find out more!


The Weather Maker

Explore Eden’s Rainforest Biome on walkways high up in the treetops and uncover fascinating facts linking rainforests and the world’s climate.


Shelter from a tropical rainstorm in the Rain Shack, venture through clouds and mist on the Cloud Bridge, view live weather data at the Weather Station and get hands on with incredible interactive exhibits.

Eden Project Weather Maker

Daring jungle dwellers can brave the Canopy Rope Bridge (above) — stretching 23m between the two tallest trees in the Biome!


The Eden Project

Eden Project Weather Maker

Image: ©Hufton+Crow

The Eden Project was built in a giant crater in Cornwall which had reached the end of its previous life as a china clay pit. The Eden team built giant greenhouses – called Biomes – and a global garden here, to show that people can change things for the better!


These ginormous Biomes create the perfect conditions for some of the world’s coolest natural environments – including the largest rainforest in captivity! – that teach us why plants are so important and why we need to look after them (because they look after us!).

Head to edenproject.com and YHA Eden Project for more!




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