This year we received loads of fab entries for the National Geographic Photography Contest for Kids 2013!

Take a look at some of our favourite snaps!…

Well done to all of you who entered – we were super impressed!




  • aLICE

    I like Ben duursmas picture because I love cats so much and as soon as I looked at it I thought it was really funny.

  • BethanyB

    Really Amazing!!! I love the cat one! Wait thats stupid I love them all!!!!

  • Break-free

    OMGOSH! I love Louis Bains picture!

  • Hamish1904

    The photos are really good!!!!

  • Break-free

    I love Eva Dawes photo, its so cute!

  • coolcat2

    cooooooooool pics

  • coolcat2

    i love looking at all these photos !!!

  • coolcat2

    Amazing photos !

  • Mia

    I love the photos

  • KraziKangaroo

    Wow! how do people do it! Im extremely impressed. I love the one of the girl on the banana phone!!!

  • kity1234

    I LOVE Emilys pic!

  • Ellen_Rose

    Really cool pictures.

  • Ellen_Rose

    Its a really good photo Ellen.

  • Shanzie

    Well done to all you were so good at it .

  • Koko

    Love all the photos!

  • cooooooooool

    I love evas photo it is so cute

  • Shanzie

    I love the cat

  • Beluga13

    These are such awesome photos!

  • Anna

    Well done to Ben i like your photo

  • BenDuursma

    I especially liked Emily`s!

  • Abbie

    Well done to everyone who entered the competition. I loved looking at all you photos

  • ZandaBayfield

    So Upset I Didnt Win. Congrats To others :)

  • RCairns

    Congratulations to all these amazing young photographers! I love your photos, especially Sams of his Grandpa!

  • MaryamM

    Isabella, thats an AMAZING photo. You are very talented!

  • kirsty

    Well done!! Vivian your picture is amazing.

  • Vivian

    OMG she is soooo cute and funny! Lol great photo

  • KarenLee

    Super photo Sam - very well done!

  • VivianLee

    Fab photo Vivian! Well done!

  • Eileen

    Viviens photograph is brilliant, it looks just like a Monet painting.

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