These powerful photographs taken by Syrian refugee children reveal daily life inside a refugee camp…

Since a terrible war broke out in Syria in 2011, millions of people have been forced to leave their homes to find safety. Many thousands ended up in the Kawergosk Refugee Camp, in Iraqi Kurdistan.

In 2013, National Geographic photographer Reza set up the Reza Visual Academy in the camp. The photography workshops taught the children there how to capture their lives on camera. Here are some of the remarkable pictures they took…


Taken by Mohammad Husein, 15

syrian refugees

Taken at a wedding in the camp, this photo shows how celebrations still take place despite the surroundings.


Taken by Maryam Husein, 14 

syrian refugees

Despite the difficult conditions in the camp, the children continue to find ways to have a bit of fun.

Over 85% of refugees live in developing countries, often in camps like this one. The UK is home to less than 2% of the world’s refugees


Taken by Amer Abdulah, 13 

Syrian refugees: What it's really like for children living in exile

A child stands before a fire lit to celebrate Nowruz (the Iranian new year celebrated at the spring equinox) at the Kawergosk camp.


Taken by Zerav Rasoul, 11 

Syrian refugees: What it's really like for children living in exile

A little girl lies bundled up against the cold at the Kawergosk camp.


Last year, 51% of refugees were children


Taken by Amer Abdulah, 13 

Syrian refugees: What it's really like for children living in exile

Amer Abdulah captures a moment of celebration at the Kawergosk camp.


Taken by Amar Abdulah, 11 

Syrian refugees: What it's really like for children living in exile

A father plays with his son, tossing him in the air at the Kawergosk refugee camp.


One in every four of the world’s refugees is from Syria


Taken by Nora Morad, 15 

Syrian refugees: What it's really like for children living in exile

A young refugee boy combs his hair in front of a mirror.


Taken by Maya Rostam, 13

Syrian refugees: What it's really like for children living in exile

A bath and play in the water for these refugee children, an instant of their everyday lives captured.


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  • Noah


  • Tarzan

    Poor them. I want to help!

  • shoaib

    I feel very sad for them .

  • tall guy

    I hope that never happened to me

  • Love

    We need to help immediately!

  • sayuri

    That's just sad. We raised money at school for them.

  • ocean

    I am sorry for them.

  • ava

    I might actually make my avatar so it's crying ,but wasn't the photo of the man throwing his kid in the air a bit dangerous?

  • Oceana

    I feel sorry for them we did something at school to rase money for them


  • Jas

    That is beautiful after what they have been through they deserve all that. :-)

  • Arinze123456

    These pictures mean a lot.

  • haylee mansson

    Amazing photos

  • Layan

    I am from syria but not a refuge. seeing people from my country put a smile on my face

  • Unicorn panda

    So pictureistic and understanding ,I can really see the hard life of being a refugee!!

  • sarah738

    its nice that the refugees are still having fun in a hard time

  • TheBallerinaOnPointe

    Thats nice to see the kids having fun :)

  • Blossom

    Poor them but im glad that their having fun

  • hamster5467

    poor them but its good there having fun

  • sport

    harsh life theyhave


    If that happened to you,what would you do?<3

  • 709653

    I think its not fair on the children refugees to be experiencing this in their lives so why not set up a charity like my Syrian friend did?

  • iloveguineapigs

    omg this is so sad wahhhhhhhh

  • Mariam

    we need to take action .

  • DEX1A

    its realy lovely to give children with less than us and to give then something to enjoy

  • Ryko

    I never knew what happens in a refugee camp and now i know its horrible WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION

  • Keyway

    I think it is unblevable what these children put up with how they live we must try and help them! It is time to stand up for them!

  • lol1234321123

    i want to help....

  • Fin9

    I think that the people who dont have homes need our help so if there an fundraising event I use my money even if Im going to by something really expensive

  • Dolphin1

    We should care more about refugees and how they live Think if you were living like that .

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