Big Ben is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Great Britain. However, come 21 August 2017 its famous chimes will fall silent!

Repair work is being carried out on the famous landmark, and the noise of the chimes would be loud enough to deafen workers if it carried on ringing!

Photograph of Big Ben and traffic.

Luckily, Big Ben will still be telling the time as the clock faces will remain active during the works.

And although the clock may not be chiming again until 2021 – a decision that parliament will be reviewing soon – this excludes New Year’s Eve celebrations in Great Britain, when the clock will still chime to mark midnight.

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Fast facts about Big Ben

Photograph of Big Ben, low angle.

  • The name ‘Big Ben’ actually refers to the bell inside the clock tower. It has helped keep London on time for 157 years!
  • The clock tower itself is called The Elizabeth Tower – named after our very own Queen Elizabeth II!
  • Standing at over 96m tall, the tower is 72m taller than Buckingham Palace!
  • Big Ben is the largest four facing clock tower in the world!


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  • Rosie

    Such a shame!

  • Charlotte

    Never been to Big Ben But the article was very interesting

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