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15 fascinating facts about Sir David Attenborough

Check out some fascinating David Attenborough facts, from his very first documentary to his least favourite animal, below…
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  • QUIZ

    Who is the longest-reigning British monarch?
General History

Mary Anning facts

Discover the fossil hunter whose discoveries changed the world…

11-year-old campaigns for Mary Anning statue

Evie wants to see her palaeontology hero recognised…
General Animals

10 hopping fun rabbit facts!

Discover more about these adorable small mammals…
General Science

Human digestive system

You eat a meal. And then a bit later… you do a poo! But what happens in between?

Did you know?

Lightning can make the air around it five times hotter than the sun’s surface!

General History

International Women’s Day

Check out our round-up of inspiring female figures from history…

15 fun facts about the Queen

From inventing a new dog breed to publishing her first Instagram post, discover our favourite facts about the Queen…
General Kids Club

Addy’s mission to save gorillas!

Meet the 11-year-old girl raising awareness for great apes…
General Geography

Shrove Tuesday facts

Learn all about this worldwide religious festival…

Meet some awesome authors!

We speak to some of our fave writers ahead of World Book Day…
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