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General History

International Women’s Day

Check out our round-up of inspiring female figures from history…
Wilbur Smith = Thunderbolt HPTO MPU
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    What is your favourite reptile?
General Animals

10 facts about wombats!

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General Geography

Shrove Tuesday facts

Learn all about this worldwide religious festival…
Prehistoric Animals

4-year-old finds dino footprint in Wales!

Check out this roarsome discovery…

10 ways to love the planet back (a parent special!)

Show nature a little love this Valentine’s…

Did you know?

The peregrine falcon can reach speeds of 389 kilometres per hour.

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General History

Awesome Anglo-Saxon facts!

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General Kids Club

Xavi’s walk to save elephants!

Meet the 8-year-old boy on a mission to help free captive elephants…
General Kids Club

International Children’s Peace Prize 2020!

Watch the amazing award ceremony…
General Kids Club

National Geographic Kids magazine

Check out our awesome magazine – for kids who love learning about our weird and wonderful world!

The Right Stuff!

Check out the incredible true story of America’s first astronauts…

Did you know?

Belly button lint is made of clothing fibers, hair, and dead skin cells

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