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PSHE Primary Resources

Our PSHE section encompasses RE and Citizenship primary resources, including spotlighting religious and cultural festivals. These primary resources are aimed at helping your pupils to consider living in the wider world, in accordance with the National Curriculum and Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

We have cultural resources that cover topics such as health, economics and careers, as well as resources on food and sport to help pupils engage with the world around them in a healthy and positive way.

We also have dedicated resources for incorporating British Values into your lesson plans.


Ada Lovelace primary resource

Discover interesting facts about the ‘computer programmer’ who was ahead of her time…

Martin Luther King JR. primary resource

Learn about Martin Luther King JR. and his role in the Civil Rights Movement
  • QUIZ

    What is your favourite reptile?

Rosa Parks primary resource

Discover the legacy of the Civil Rights campaigner

Optical Illusions Primary Resource

Trick your noodle with these incredible brain-bogglers!

Back-to-school crossword primary resource

How well will you tackle this tricky brain boggler…?

Language facts primary resource

Discover 30 cool things about language!

Pig Facts Primary Resource

How much do you know about these surprising swine?

Summer Crossword Primary Resource

Test your knowledge of the holiday season with this tricky puzzle!

Make yummy yoghurt primary resource

It’s time to get cooking!


Buzz about bees!

Be amazed by these incredible insects…

Space facts primary resource

Understand more about our solar system with these fun facts!

All about weather: primary resource

Explore different types of weather and the impact they can have on the environment

The Lost City of Atlantis Primary Resource

Discover the mysteries of this legendary Ancient Greek island

Neil Armstrong primary resource

Discover who Neil Armstrong was and how he became the first man to step foot on the Moon

Pirate board game

Enjoy ‘The Buccaneer’s Battle’, a pirate-themed board game

Martin Luther King JR. primary resource

Learn about Martin Luther King JR. and his role in the Civil Rights Movement

Recycling Primary Resource

Find out what happens to the things in your bin, and why it makes sense to recycle…

Christmas around the world primary resource

Discover how different countries across the globe celebrate Christmas

Haunted castles: English primary resource

Learn about the ‘ingredients’ needed to make an exciting ghost story

Habitat investigation: Science primary resource

Learn about the different creatures that live in or around a pond

Festivals from around the world

An introduction to different festivals from around the world

Make an African Djembe drum

Get artistically and musically creative by crafting and decorating a Djembe drum

Pig Island: Geography primary resource

Discover Pig Island in Bahamas’ Exuma archipelago, which is home to more than 30 sea-swimming pigs!

Peculiar plants: Science primary resource

Explore the unique and unusual features that plants can possess

Guy Fawkes primary resource

Discover more about the failed Gunpowder Plot on the Houses of Parliament in 1605

Animal myths: Fact or fiction primary resource

Evaluate evidence to discover the truth behind five super weird animal tales

The brain primary resource

Learn some surprising facts about the human brain and how it functions

Brazil primary resource

Discover 30 cool things about Brazil; from its native animals to some of its impressive sports history

Number facts: Maths primary resource

Explore different values and quantities in relation to real life examples

Human body primary resource

Learn some fascinating facts about the human body and how it works

Queen Elizabeth II primary resource

Learn all about the life of the Queen in this fun comic strip

Christmas Quiz Primary Resource

Download our fun quiz about all things Christmas!

Spelling resource: Squares word scramble

Practise spelling words by thinking about common word structures

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