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How to save the planet: a kids’ guide!

Check out our top tips for becoming an eco-hero…
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  • QUIZ

    What is the largest species of bird?
General Animals

10 wacky walrus facts!

Discover these massive marine mammals of the Arctic…

The Frog Life Cycle!

See how this amazing animal grows from tadpole to frog…
General History

International Women’s Day

Check out our round-up of inspiring female figures from history…
General Animals

10 facts about wombats!

Check out these cute, clever creatures…

Did you know?

In Japan you can buy octopus-flavoured ice cream!

More about Japan
General Geography

Shrove Tuesday facts

Learn all about this worldwide religious festival…
General History

Awesome Anglo-Saxon facts!

Check out these cool facts about the fierce Anglo-Saxons…
General Kids Club

International Children’s Peace Prize 2020!

Watch the amazing award ceremony…

Global Story Club comp results!

It’s time to reveal the wonderful winners of our writing prize…

Tim Peake interview!

We caught up with awesome astronaut, Tim Peake, about life in space…
General Entertainment

Australia’s Deadly Animals Bingo!

Check out this classic game with a fearsome new twist!

Did you know?

Sharks cause 10 deaths a year, whereas mosquito cause 725,000.

More about Animals
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