What is COP26?

Learn more about this super important climate event…
  • QUIZ

    Which planet has the most moons?
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Meet Earthshot prize finalist, Vinisha!

She’s determined to clean up India’s air pollution…

13 phizz-whizzing facts about Roald Dahl

We’ve put together some fantastic facts about Roald Dahl’s life, and boy are there some humdingers…
General Animals

Rhino facts!

These animals are big, bulky and absolutely brilliant!
General History

Amazing Paralympic athletes!

These sporting superstars are at the top of their game…

Did you know?

Pandas can chomp through over 12kg of bamboo every day.

General Entertainment

Easy frozen yoghurt recipe!

Cool off with this delicious sweet treat…
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Mim and the Baffling Bully
General Geography

What is
palm oil?

Learn about this common ingredient and why it can spell bad news for wildlife…
General Kids Club

Rayer’s quest for clean beaches!

This young eco-hero is fighting to save our beaches from plastic pollution…
General Kids Club

Watch the Race Against Climate Change LIVE!

Hear from some awesome experts on how we can beat the climate crisis…

10 facts about the Olympics!

Learn all about this extraordinary international sporting event!

Did you know?

The peregrine falcon can reach speeds of 389 kilometres per hour.

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