History Primary Resources

Our primary resources for History are great for helping your pupils take a trip through time. Discover dinosaur fossils, analyse ancient civilisations or explore Ancient Egyptian artifacts with our curriculum-aligned resources.

Our History resources have been carefully divided into relevant sections that work to the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum and Scottish Curriculum for Excellence guidelines, making them easy to use in lesson plans.

Spanning significant historical events, as well as people and places of local and global significance, National Geographic Kids have it covered. We have resources to help your pupils take a leap into the lives of the Romans, Ancient Greeks and Anglo-Saxons, not to mention key world history resources for pupils to examine and evaluate.



Tutankhamun’s Treasures Resource Kit

Discover the treasures from inside King Tut’s tomb…

Ada Lovelace primary resource

Discover interesting facts about the ‘computer programmer’ who was ahead of her time…

Martin Luther King JR. primary resource

Learn about Martin Luther King JR. and his role in the Civil Rights Movement

Nelson Mandela primary resource

Discover the story of South Africa’s first black president

Rosa Parks primary resource

Discover the legacy of the Civil Rights campaigner

Queen Victoria Primary Resource

How much do you know about this iconic British monarch?

The 20th Century Primary Resource

Take a whistle-stop tour of this super century!

Alexander the Great Primary Resource

Get the lowdown on this legendary ruler…

The Georgians Primary Resource

Get ready for an exciting journey back in time!

International Women’s Day Primary Resource

Learn all about this worldwide event and the struggle for women’s rights around the world…


Martin Luther King JR. primary resource

Learn about Martin Luther King JR. and his role in the Civil Rights Movement

Shakespeare: English primary resource

Discover interesting facts about William Shakespeare

Ancient Egyptians primary resource

Discover some of the Ancient Egyptians’ greatest achievements

Greek Mythology Primary Resource

Learn about the gods, goddesses, monsters and heroes of Ancient Greece

Meet the Vikings primary resource

Learn all about the legendary warriors and their way of life

Romans primary resource

Discover the secrets of the Roman Empire and life in Ancient Rome

Ancient Greeks primary resource

Learn about life under Ancient Greek rule in this fun comic strip

The Lost City of Atlantis Primary Resource

Discover the mysteries of this legendary Ancient Greek island

Anne Frank Primary Resource

Learn all about the young girl whose famous diary has inspired millions…

First World War primary resource

Explore events from the First World War at home and abroad

Mayan civilisation primary resource

Learn how the Maya excelled at architecture, agriculture, written language and mathematics

Second World War Primary resource

Discover how WWII changed society in Britain at the time

Anglo Saxons primary resource

Explore the secrets that artifacts reveal about the Anglo Saxons

Neil Armstrong primary resource

Discover who Neil Armstrong was and how he became the first man to step foot on the Moon

The Titanic primary resource

Learn all about this legendary ship and its tragic end…

Guy Fawkes primary resource

Discover more about the failed Gunpowder Plot on the Houses of Parliament in 1605

Ancient Egypt: Pyramids primary resource

Learn about the famous tombs and how they were designed (both inside and out)

Imperial China primary resource

Discover the symbols, architecture and beliefs inspired by the different dynasties of Imperial China

Roald Dahl: English primary resource

Discover interesting facts about the children’s author

Leonardo da Vinci primary resource

Learn about the importance of Leonardo da Vinci’s life and works

Viking primary resource: Old Norse Gods

Explore Norse mythology and Viking religious beliefs

Lost city of Pompeii primary resource

Discover what happened when Mount Vesuvius erupted

Machu Picchu primary resource

Discover the secrets of this incredible Incan city

Pablo Picasso: Art primary resource

Explore the life and works of artist Pablo Picasso
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