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Animals Primary Resources

Guide children in learning more about wildlife with our Animals primary resources for Science.

These are great tool for helping your pupils understand more about habitats, wild places and the food chain.

Covering different classifications of animals; useful for exploring different features of animal classes, inherited traits and Darwin’s theory of evolution, National Geographic Kids offers a combination of fascinating written features and stunning photography to help you plan your classes.

Our free resources cover a range of KS1 and KS2 Science objectives from the National Curriculum and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, including the identification of a variety of common animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and describing the basic survival needs of animals.


Sun Bear Primary Resource

Discover the secrets of these super-cute creatures…

Spider Facts Primary Resource

Learn about our planet’s awesome arachnids…
  • QUIZ

    Who discovered gravity?

Seahorse Primary Resource

Get the lowdown on these cool, quirky sea creatures!

Shark Personalities Primary Resource

Find out the truth about these incredible sea creatures…

Nocturnal Creatures Primary Resource

Venture into the night to meet some wonderful wildlife…

Orangutan Primary Resource

Head to the tropical treetops of Borneo…

Red Panda Primary Resource

Learn all about this amazing endangered species…

We Love Pets Primary Resource

What’s your perfect pet pal…?

Water Facts Primary Resource

Discover fascinating facts about the world’s most precious resource…


Endangered tiger: Science primary resource

Discover how a Siberian tiger cub was rescued and rehabilitated

Giant Panda Rescue: primary resource

Explore the needs of giant pandas and the threats they face in the wild

Buzz about bees!

Be amazed by these incredible insects…

Sea turtle: Science primary resource

Discover how marine rescue organisations help sea turtles in trouble

Lion Family Pride: Primary Resource

Discover how lions live and work together in the savannah

Life in the rainforest primary resource

Discover the animals, insects, plants and people that make the African rainforest their home

Emperor penguins: skilled survivors

Discover the characteristics and behaviour of the emperor penguin

Marine life of Australia’s coast: primary resource

Discover the secret underwater world of Australia’s coastline

Polar Bear Primary Resource

Learn all about this Arctic animal

Wolf language and communication

Explore how wolves use their voices, body language and odour to talk to one another

War Horses: WWI primary resource

Discover more about how these animal heroes helped soldiers in World War I

Asian elephants primary resource

Explore the environment and habitats of Asian elephants and the problems they face

Snakes primary resource

Discover some surprising facts about different snakes from around the world

Save our sharks primary resource

Learn about the some of the rarest UK shark species

Reptile facts: Science primary resource

Learn about the different features and characteristics of reptiles

Sea safari: Animals primary resource

Find out what’s lurking in the mangroves of Mauritius

Animal myths: Fact or fiction primary resource

Evaluate evidence to discover the truth behind five super weird animal tales

Insect safari: Science primary resource

Discover different species of insects found in the UK

Giraffe Primary Resource

Learn about the giraffe’s amazing adaptations and super survival skills…

Manta Ray Facts: Science primary resource

Discover ‘7 cool facts’ about this endangered sea creature

Jaguars on the hunt: Science primary resource

Explore how the jaguar lives and hunts in its South American habitat

British Isles primary resource

Discover the animals that are native to the British Isles

Dogs to the rescue: Science primary resource

Learn about the long history that humans have with dogs and how they help us

Pets facts: Primary resource

Consider and learn more about the kinds of pets we keep

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