Welcome to the Nat Geo Kids Sustainability page!

Do you care about the planet and want to help look after it by becoming as eco-friendly as possible? Well so do we!

Find out about the latest Nat Geo Kids sustainability updates, check out some fantastic facts about sustainability and follow along as we become greener than ever…

Latest updates

Nat Geo Kids’ Sustainability Timeline

Find out how Nat Geo Kids magazine became eco-friendly!

The Nat Geo Kids website is eco-friendly!

Find out about our certificate from the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance...

Nat Geo Kids funds new trees for Reading school!

Find out how Nat Geo Kids helped a school in England get close to nature...

Magazine journey!

Discover the people and places that make your magazines...

Our monthly mag is 100% plastic free!

Find out how we banished plastic from our monthly issues...

All about the Living Wage!

What is it, and why is it important?

Managing Director Pete’s volunteer day!

Find out how he got involved with a community festival...

What is a
B Corp?

Find out how businesses are becoming forces for good...
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