Every year on 8 March, International Women’s Day is celebrated around the word!

But why – you might ask – do we have a day especially for women? Well, it’s fair to say that throughout history, women haven’t always received the fairest of treatment.

Women haven’t always been able to work, vote, or been given the same rights as men.

So since the early 1900s, women around the world have celebrated an International Women’s Day, campaigning for equal rights and shining a spotlight on brilliant women across the globe.

Check out our round-up of inspirational women – past and present – below…

International Women’s Day

Rosa Parks – click to learn about her!

International Women's Day: picture of an elderly Rosa Parks

Elizabeth I – click to learn about her!

International Women's Day: painting of Queen Elizabeth I

Anne Frank – click to learn about her!

Anne Frank facts

Mary Seacole – click to learn about her!

International Women's Day: painting of Mary Seacole

Florence Nightingale – click to learn about her!

International Women's Day: black and white photograph of Florence Nightingale

Queen Elizabeth II – click to learn about her!

International Women's Day: a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II

The Suffragettes – click to learn about them!

International Women's Day: black and white photograph of a suffragette

Queen Victoria – click to learn about her!

International Women's Day: painting of a young Queen Victoria

Female wildlife rangers – click to learn about them!

Edith Cavell – click to learn about her!

International Women's Day: black and white photograph of Edith Cavell

The Six Wives of Henry VIII – click to learn about them!

International Women's Day: paintings of Henry VIII wives

Which female figures do you find inspiring? Let us know by leaving us a comment, below!




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  • I find the Suffragettes so inspiring

  • Poppy

  • Cool!

  • :)


  • soccerandsass

    A great group of women.

  • sweettea103


  • Brayden

    it was very cool because i love history

  • Piper


  • Zac


  • Jacob

    Wow I never know that

  • Hi

  • 2kool4skool

    Women are awesome! I’m a girl myself, and girl power really is, well, powerful! Look at Rosa parks and the suffragettes! #girlzareamazing!

  • Doris

    I really liked how his article provides a lot of information on women who changed the world. I really like National Geographic for information.

  • WOW That is so cool!!

  • laura


  • laura


  • Lola <3

    I really luv this website because it's really awesome and teaches me a lot about a lot of stuff!! Some classmates in my class made rooms on slides and they gave the whole class this link and also others. This is one of my favourites! =)

  • Grace

    Love it

  • Itachi


  • cool

  • Lola

    I love this website! I learned a lot! =)

  • Olivia

    Can't wait to learn about these wonderful woman

  • TikToklove

    So cool

  • rosa parks

  • Hugo

    The Queen, because she is the Head of State and she’s responsible of what England does.

  • Acelina

    Do it!

  • Chaska


  • Chaska


  • Chaska


  • Chaska


  • Lexi

    I loved learning about this topic. Thanks National Geographic for Kids!

  • paddington

    Wow! Cool! Amazing! Love it!!!

  • the yeeter

    this site is awesome

  • Lavier

    A woman that inspire me is my auntie because she want to be a artist like me

  • Isabelle

    I think that all the women are amazing

  • Grace

    Yes women are the best!!

  • Jessy

    OMG, all these women are SO inspiring! but, if i H@VE to pick one... it would be... FLORES NIGHTINGALE!! (SO COOL)! :)

  • Sana


  • BeKind


  • I find inspiring Florence Nightingale

  • Exciting!

  • Isabelle

    I think they are all super cool

  • channle

    I love ROSA PARKS

  • Alex

    This is so nice. Thank you!

  • rhiannonluvswolvs

    The suffragettes were the best in my opinion

  • Bugz

    Women are strong! They deserve the rights they have!!

  • I Survived Fan

    I am inspired by Rosa Parks.

  • will

    i like this even though im a guy

  • Eli

    so cool this is awsome

  • Emily Carroll

    wow i want to learn more

  • olvegodtow


  • sharky


  • sharkie

    i like dis

  • leilah-belle

    okay Vikings were horrid

  • Isabelle

    I am inspired by the suffragettes the way they changed woman’s ways and I’m inspired also by Florence nightingale who was a great movement to healthcare for all.

  • Andrew

    my favourite is the queen

  • geofan

    I think it was great gut could have some facts

  • Valentina

    Love it

  • Luanna

    U know what? I seriously dunno.

  • Mikayela

    Rosa parks. Edith cowell

  • Olivia


  • Corey


  • Anni

    yeah. inspiring

  • zeinab382

    I think that cathrine wife of king henry VIII is by far the best she is the only survivor of the six wifes !

  • emma

    COOL!! XD



  • Helen

    Amazing facts, but maybe a bit more!

  • Me

    This is good

  • Cool

  • Maggie

    So interesting

  • Strawberrylaces

    very cool

  • maria

    Well i would like to say that a inspiring women for me would be Susan B. Anothony.she fought for womens rights.she was arrested a bunch of time for fighting.

  • Audrey

    I love Queen Victoria!

  • giraffey

    I find the suffragettes inspiring

  • Alexandra Bondaruk

    GO WOMAN!Girl PWR.

  • ratlover158

    Florence nightingale

  • s

    i love it

  • Nina


  • bliss


  • Amanpreet

    Rosa Parks



  • nina m.m. jerram

    GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beatrix Scarlett stuart

    Qiu Jin

  • Elizabeth

    My favourite character is queen Victoria because she is the princess of her kingdom.

  • Ayana

    Women. Have. Dun. So. Much. Work. They. Should. Have. A. Break

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve always been a rebel. I have a book called: Goodnight stories for Rebel girls 100 tale of amazing women. It is a really god book. Most of the women in the book are the ones you chose. Elizabeth out

  • MN

    This why women have the right yo work.

  • Blessing

    the Queen

  • Evelyn

    My favorites are Mary Seacole and Rosa Parks.

  • 22joaviti


  • Ayaan

    Elizabeth I

  • Hanna

    A never knew about women’s day

  • jaycee

    i think florence nightingale and the queen are very inspiring

  • jack

    very good

  • olivia

    Viola desmond

  • Puppy Face

    You go Ladies!!!

  • 1

    1 like victoria

  • mrs smith

    so cool

  • Ashton

    So cool I can just fant

  • KittyFuzzball

    Wow! I find all of these women inspirational.

  • ANkum

    hi this is cool facts

  • happy international womens day! i love malala yousafazi the most. she shows what can happen in the world and how strong and brave you can be.

  • My inspirational lady figure in history Amelia Earhart

  • Hannah

    Edith Cavell because she smuggled more than 200 allied soldiers

  • Bek


  • catty_meow

    Suffragettes!!! Their action towards womans rights is inspirational and amazing. And the fact that their protest has survived the harsh ruins of time and become a valued treasure within now is fascinating!

  • spider pig


  • Me


  • s

    The suffragettes! Amazing people!

  • Rhiannon

    Rosa Parks is my favourite because she helped to make it fair for african americans.

  • Happy intentional woman’s

  • Konii


  • The black mambas

  • Jade

    LolAnd awesome

  • The girl who knows

    I don't really have an idol but I find lots of these people inspiring! I also find Ionia the goddess of mystery rather inspiring aswell as most male magicians said women could not be magicians but she proved them wrong

  • bluefootballgirl765

    COOL! WOW!

  • Elizabeth

    Wish there was more info

  • I find Rosa parks interseting

  • I like Florence nightingale the best

  • CoolPokemonSarah


  • unicorn_36glitter

    amazing thank you. it helped so much with my homework. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Martha


  • ninja17

    Mary seacole

  • ZZY

    I think that the suffragettes are the most inspirational

  • cool!

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