The Dragon is written by Mati Sparksman, aged 11 for Global Story Club.

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Once I saw a dragon,
who was tall and red and strong.
He gave me a friendly smile,
as I was walking fast along.

I was walking on a footpath,
going home from school.
When he came along and squashed me,
and said I was a fool.

I got back home and wondered,
‘bout that very strange dragon.
He was very, very big,
‘cause his belly was saggin’.

He was really quite friendly,
then after a second, not.
Was there something on my face?
Was my nose filled with some snot?

I carried on with my life,
ignoring this awkward mess.
I should probably tell my parents,
I think I should address.

“Hey Mum, there was this dragon,
who said I was a fool.”
“Honey that is nonsense,
go on, get to school.”

Why didn’t she believe me?
I don’t tell many lies.
It was red and strong,
I saw it with my eyes.

I finished my day of school,
Six hours is a lot.
Every minute working hard,
Just having a good shot.

Walking home from school,
Feeling cool and calm.
Suddenly, deja vu,
something squashed my arm!

I rapidly look upwards,
a predictable surprise.
It was the strange dragon,
but this time with a prize.

Not the sort of prize,
you win at game arcades.
Like with the tokens that spit out,
after playing fun charades.

It was a cardboard box,
containing two objects.
One piece of paper,
the other, some chocolates.

Even though suspense
was killing me inside.
I waited ‘til I got back home,
Where the missing pieces would all collide.

I opened the folded paper,
reading in my head.
The apologetic message,
read in the comfort of my bed.

“Sorry that I squashed you,
I’m only ten years old.
I learnt to fly the other month,
and my esteem’s not very bold.

I know I may look strong,
if I do say so myself.
I’ve been training every day,
but I still fly like an elf.

Something ‘bout the balance,
that strength can not improve,
needs only timely experience,
to finally get the grove.

Also a bad coincidence,
I found out from my parents,
that in ‘your’ world fool means bad.
This probably makes terrible sense.

Kind regards, Teddy,
I wish you all the best.
P.S. keep imagining,
It never gives you any less!

Global Story Club is created in partnership with The Story Island Project –The Story Island Project is a not-for-profit that uses creative storytelling to engage and connect individuals and communities. The Story Island Project believe that storytelling is at the heart of literacy. And literacy helps build strong communities. It’s all about inspiring people to tell stories and see their world in a new way. Find out more at The Story Island Project.





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