Quiz Whiz: The Moon

Take this stellar quiz and test your knowledge about the Moon!



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  • jaspar

    it is the best game in the world ( even thought that my brother was better than me)


    Why did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon but the other Astronaut didn't walk on the moon.

  • Hazel

    Awesome, dudes!

  • PuppyDoge


  • Coll

  • Noah


  • Cody lee hague

    I learnt so much thanks

  • HEJillett

    I GOT 70% CRRECT!!!

  • cool



  • Ash 26

    I love the quiz

  • Doggie10

    It is so cool!


    ha lol i got 5 outta ten turns out those geography lessons didnt pay off after all

  • Squirrel-Bunny

    9/10! :P

  • dion

    i got 9/10 on my first go and then 10/10

  • Vithushun

    I love National Geographic kids. Can you make more games just to improve it. My favourite game is Dinasour Cove fossil finder.

  • Vithushun

    I love national geography kids.all the games are great even the quizes. can you make even more games because they are fantastic.the best thing are the infopedias and memmory games.

  • hope :)

    finally I got them all right! amazing facts!!!!!

  • Mia

    I got 10/10.

  • Ripunjay

    i got 10 on 10

  • philyrah

    this was really hard the first time i did it put then i got better

  • Love cats.co.uk

    I got a 8/10 that's 80% which I guess is ok

  • Addie loves wolves

    Amelia I got the same as you I got 5/10 first and then got 10/10

  • Giftkill

    They need to make the answers bigger as I got number eight wrong because of that

  • Amelia

    i got 5/10 then i did i again and obviously got 10/10. :p

  • LP

    I learnt about Neil Armstrong at school.

  • LP

    MOLLY, you must be good.

  • Isla

    Can't wait to do the next one


    I got 10/10

  • DragonWhale

    Its fun but tricky

  • Ellie

    Cool my memory so bad though!

  • Zoe

    Its a good test

  • totally awesome

  • riz

    I got 80% on the sharks

  • Cruz

    Just made it out by 9/10 Phew

  • zinedin


  • Shoshana

    It proved how much i know about the moon. I got 80%

  • zoe!

    8 out of 10 is pretty good! ;) :) yay!

  • it's ok if you get under 10 I got 10/10 on the space game

  • Person

    I got 10/10. Try again if you you didn't get 10/10.

  • Gracie!

    80% - better than i was expecting!

  • Gracie

    I got 80% wasn't expecting that! :) :)

  • Thomas

    I think ng kids is LOL! That quiz was fun but tricky. I don't care if I get 70%!

  • Emilia

    Nice I learn't about space in school, but I only got 70%. I think that's good.

  • Holly

    Amazing And enjoyed it , even if I only got 30%

  • Audrina

    i love this quiz its fun!

  • Isabella

    i love learning about the moon

  • benry

    cool quiz!

  • Ainee Anbar

    Yay, that was great! I got all of them right. Can't WAIT to try again!!

  • Brooke winter

    I won :)

  • Estelle Courtney

    I don't know much about the moon, so I just guessed

  • stingray

    I love space!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ainee Anbar

    Wow!I never knew all these cool facts about the moon!

  • giraafe

    im so bad at these quizes

  • Roberta Andersson

    I liked it! For me it was a little bit hard.

  • Will

    I will play again tomorrow

  • Alyssa

    Get ready to make your brain run!

  • OMG


  • Apple

    I got 100%!(but on the second time)

  • Polar Bear

    10/10 2nd go!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellie

    This quiz is cool, I only got 6 out of ten because I don't know much about the moon!

  • Little shark face

    I love it I got it all right!

  • jeff

    7 of ten im all right

  • Natalia

    It`s quite hard to know everything about the moon. But it`s a fun quiz.

  • Jeremy

    Really educational! Thanks for teaching me more about the moon!

  • geo19871

    this is a great way to learn about the moon

  • melissa mia

    i did them all corect

  • Ella

    First I got 4 and I tried again and that time I got 10.

  • Lachlan

    This quiz even had stuff that I didn't know, and I'm an expert at space knowledge!

  • archie


  • laura

    i really enjoyed this game. it taught me a lot about our moon and the solar system we live in!

  • Amber

    Very fun!

  • Amy

    So hard

  • lion

    this is fun!

  • penguinturtle

    it was moon-ish.

  • Elan

    I love natgeokids

  • sophjdod

    i got 80% epic I'm happy because on the moon one i got10%

  • Christabella

    I like this quiz because you can test your knowledge and you can learn about the topic of the quiz!

  • mimi

    I like it .Do you?

  • Megan

    That was cool learned about lots of stuff

  • Megan

    This is awesome dude

  • luke

    easy peasy lemon squeezy

  • chloe

    how did i get 4 outa 10

  • Matthew Barber

    Nice game and really interesting. It was cool learning about the Moon.

  • Tord Larsson

    Really fun! I got 10/10!

  • Cerys-anne

    I love the game so much it is really fun.Most of the people should play the game.It will also help people with there learning and reading!EXITING!!!!!!!



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