Physical Geography

15 fantastic rainforest facts!

Join us on a tropical trip…

What’s it like to go to school in St Lucia?

Kick-off a new school term on the Caribbean Island of St Lucia…

St Lucia facts!

Explore this awesome Caribbean island…

Cave Facts Primary Resource

Be amazed by our planet’s secret caverns…

‘What would happen…?’ Primary Resource

Explore some fascinating scientific scenarios…

Water Facts Primary Resource

Discover fascinating facts about the world’s most precious resource…

Fun facts about the world primary resource

Discover these 30 cool facts about different places around the world…

Fair trade: Geography primary resource

Explore how the concept of fair trade improves the lives of farmers in the developing world

World’s wackiest food primary resource

Discover the most bizarre meals from around the world
Physical Geography

Nile river facts

Discover this incredible natural wonder and invaluable source of life…

Refugee Week: Geography primary resource

This primary resource helps children to understand more about refugees and why people seek asylum…

Sustainable living Geography primary resource

Explore fascinating facts about eco-friendly inventions and the importance of ‘green’ living to protect our planet

Glaciers Primary Resource: Hintertux Glacier

Join us on an icy adventure to learn about this fascinating, frozen phenomenon…

Water conservation primary resource

Become a water hero and protect our planet with these 25 top tips!

Brazil tribespeople primary resource: Awa Tribe

Learn all about this fascinating tribe of the Amazon rainforest…

Undersea Caves Primary Resource

Discover the secrets of the blue holes…

Polar Bear Primary Resource

Learn all about this Arctic animal

Rainforests of life: Geography resource

Explore the rainforests’ positive ecological impacts on the Earth

Brazil facts: discover this super-cool country!

From Rio de Janeiro to the Amazon rainforest!

Mexico facts: discover this fascinating country!

Embark on a Mexican adventure…

Fabulous facts about Scotland!

Join us on a bonnie adventure, gang…

Pig Island: Geography primary resource

Discover Pig Island in Bahamas’ Exuma archipelago, which is home to more than 30 sea-swimming pigs!

Spotted Lake: Geography primary resource

Explore how natural geographical processes can change the look of the landscape
Physical Geography

Kids reveal their experiences of the Boxing Day floods

Many children lost their homes, classrooms and playgrounds…

France facts

Learn about one of Europe’s most amazing countries!

Ireland facts: all about the Emerald Isle!

Ready to discover one of Europe’s most beautiful countries?

Azerbaijan facts!

How much do you know about this fascinating country…?

Cuba facts!

Learn all about this colourful country!

Australia facts: get ready for the lowdown Down Under!

Grab your suncream, shades and snorkels – because we’re heading Down Under with these fab facts about Australia!

India facts: discover this incredible country

Learn about the vibrant culture of India…
Physical Geography

30 freaky facts about the weather!

A storm’s a-brewin’, gang!

Kenya facts: discover this amazing African country!

Breathtaking views, spectacular wildlife and vibrant culture? Let’s go!
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