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Welcome to National Geographic Kids’ Parent Hub – a place just for grown-ups! This is where you’ll find helpful parenting tips, interesting articles and fun activities for all the family. From a discussion about screen time, to top sustainable gift ideas and easy ways to save the Earth as a family, there’s something for everyone…



Help your kids make a difference with these easy eco-friendly ideas for schools

Inspire your kids to make planet-protecting changes in their classroom!

Too much screen time? Here’s how to refocus on reading

Kids love stories, and reading comes with all sorts of benefits to their future. Discover some surprising ways to coax them back to books…

5 magic science experiments
for kids

These tricks will make your children think they have superpowers – but it’s really all about the science.

9 ideas to get kids excited about family history

Forget the facts and figures. Here's how to tell stories that your kids will remember forever...

14 camping hacks for families

Give your little nature lovers the camping adventure of their lives with these creative outdoor shortcuts…

Why gardening with kids is worth the mess

Gardening can help kids grow life skills as well as fruit and flowers. Check out these easy ideas to get them involved...

10 top sustainable gifts for kids

These gifts are great for kids AND the planet...

20 ways to bring out the explorer in your kid

Discover fun activities that will inspire curiosity and bolster your young adventurers’ self-confidence.

‘Brain food’ is real. Here are the top treats to help grey matter grow…

Boost your kids’ development with these expert-approved foods!

How sensory play soothes children in times of stress

Check out some DIY recipes to help kids relax and decompress at home…

How to make eco-friendly slime!

It’s colourful, fun and won’t hurt the planet!

Eco-anxiety: what is it and how can parents help?

Check out our top tips to help ease kids' fears...

5 tips to help your kids save our seas

Check out these simple ways to make a difference!

The dos and don’ts of feeding the birds

Find out how your family can support local wildlife – while keeping feathered friends safe from harm.

How to compost with kids: nourish your garden with food waste

Boost your family’s recycling with this quick guide...

10 winter games for kids from around the world

These cool games will get children outside - and might just introduce them to new cultures, too!

How to spot fake news: teach your kids to be expert fact-checkers

Reliable news and fake stories live together on the internet. So, here’s how to help your family figure out the truth…

Here’s how kids can take wildlife photographs like a Nat Geo pro

Open your child’s eyes to nature and boost their wildlife photography skills with these top tips!

What is the right amount of screen time for kids?

Many parents worry about their kids’ screen time. But should you put limits on it? And what are the alternatives?

20 ways to save the Earth as a family

Check out these top tips to look after our planet!

Creative kids: how to inspire their growing minds

Help your little learners get creative and develop problem-solving skills!

How to attract birds to your garden (and keep happy, too!)

Grow your family’s circle of feathered friends with these top tips…

De-stress your kids with a forest bathing adventure

Get the family outside and support their wellbeing with this Japanese practice!

5 resources to help with homework

These handy homework helpers give you all the tools to support your kids’ education...

Seen hedgehogs in the garden?

Check out our top tips to help these spiky critters thrive…
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