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Super Nat Geo science kits from Bandai

Facts about Mars

How much do you know about the Red Planet?
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Experience epic hands-on learning with these exciting extra-large STEM kits from National Geographic!
General History

The life of Alan Turing

Find out about this extraordinary mathematician…
General Entertainment

National Geographic Volcano Science Kit

Build your own amazing volcano and watch it erupt!

Geyser Science Experiment

Brace yourself for some blast-tastic science!

The Circular Economy Primary Resource

Learn how technology is being used to help reduce waste

Ada Lovelace primary resource

Discover interesting facts about the ‘computer programmer’ who was ahead of her time…
General Science

Light and lenses: 10 facts

Check out these 10 top facts about light and lenses

Optical Illusions Primary Resource

Trick your noodle with these incredible brain-bogglers!

Cave Facts Primary Resource

Be amazed by our planet’s secret caverns…

Harp Seal Primary Resource

Get the lowdown on these amazing Arctic animals…
General History

The Life of Isaac Newton!

Discover more about one of the most famous scientists who ever lived… and find out there was far more to him than that!

Pig Facts Primary Resource

How much do you know about these surprising swine?

Facts about the Moon!

Ready for a night time adventure? Then 3, 2, 1… Liftoff!

Neil Armstrong facts!

Check out our ten top facts about Neil Armstrong…

Planet Nine Primary Resource

Is there another world hidden in our solar system?

Red Wolves Primary Resource

Learn all about these beautiful, rare animals…

All about the moon primary resource

Blast off on a lunar adventure!

Make yummy yoghurt primary resource

It’s time to get cooking!
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Get set for some scientific fun at the Kew Science Festival…

Sun Bear Primary Resource

Discover the secrets of these super-cute creatures…

Spider Facts Primary Resource

Learn about our planet’s awesome arachnids…

Seahorse Primary Resource

Get the lowdown on these cool, quirky sea creatures!

Shark Personalities Primary Resource

Find out the truth about these incredible sea creatures…

Nocturnal Creatures Primary Resource

Venture into the night to meet some wonderful wildlife…

‘What would happen…?’ Primary Resource

Explore some fascinating scientific scenarios…
General Science

Human digestive system

You eat a meal. And then a bit later… you do a poo! But what happens in between?

Orangutan Primary Resource

Head to the tropical treetops of Borneo…

Red Panda Primary Resource

Learn all about this amazing endangered species…

Water Facts Primary Resource

Discover fascinating facts about the world’s most precious resource…

Light and Colour Primary Resource

Discover the science behind light, shadows, colour, reflection and refraction…

Facts about the Earth

Learn all about our amazing planet…
General Entertainment

Nat Geo Toys!

Brace yourselves for some seriously fascinating fun…

Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment

Check out James Patterson’s brilliant new read about a cool kid genius!

Science with Dr Karl: Why is it dark at night?

Night and dark with Dr Karl…

Science with Dr Karl: In the eye of a fly!

Looking into a fly’s eyes with Dr Karl…

Science with Dr Karl: Mighty pythons!

All about pythons with Dr Karl…
General Science

Science with Dr Karl: Solar flare ahead!

Solar flares take over with Dr Karl

Science with Dr Karl: A wee fact about asparagus!

Asparagus and wee with Dr Karl…
General Science

Science with Dr Karl: Extraordinary X-rays

X-rays are under the microscope with Dr Karl…

Science with Dr Karl: Ants are Strong AND Clever

Dr Karl investigates ants and their behaviour
General Science

Science with Dr Karl: How planes fly!

Dr Karl explore how planes fly
General Science

Science with Dr Karl: What is a sinkhole?

Dr Karl digs deep into sinkhole science

Science with Dr Karl: cicadas of summer!

Dr Karl explores the wonderful world of cicadas

Science with Dr Karl: I can see a rainbow!

Dr Karl explores the magic of a rainbow
General Geography

Science with Dr Karl: digging a hole through Earth

Dr Karl imagines digging a hole through Earth to the other side of the world

Science with Dr Karl: How much does a cloud weigh?

Dr Karl investigates how much a cloud weighs
Prehistoric Animals

‘Rainbow dinosaur’ fossil discovered!

Check out this colourful, feathered fossil…
Prehistoric Animals

Dakotaraptor: Scientists unearth giant winged raptor!

Could the huge predator really have challenged the T. rex?

Human eye primary resource

Peer into your peepers and find out how we see!

Make a bug hotel primary resource

Make a cosy garden home for our bug buddies!

Star facts primary resource

Discover six stellar facts sure to blow your mind…

Water conservation primary resource

Become a water hero and protect our planet with these 25 top tips!

Bacteria Primary Resource

Discover the mighty micro-organisms that call your body “home sweet home…”

Accidental discoveries Primary Resource

Find out how making mistakes can lead to super scientific discoveries!

So You Think You Know About… Dinosaurs?

Get smart after reading, ‘So You Think You Know About… Dinosaurs?’!

Extinct animals primary resource

Meet eight awesome species whose existence came to a tragic end…

Mars facts primary resource

Be amazed by the wonders of the red planet…

Asteroid Primary Resource

Learn all about the scientific research behind these super space rocks…

Undersea Caves Primary Resource

Discover the secrets of the blue holes…

Albert Einstein Primary Resource

Discover the life of this incredible physicist…

Birds of the British Isles Primary Resource

Meet the brilliant birds that soar through our skies…

Polar Bear Primary Resource

Learn all about this Arctic animal

Monkey species Primary Resource

Learn about ten fascinating monkey species from around the world

Phases of the Moon Primary Resource

Learn about the different phases of the Moon as it orbits the Earth

Solar System Primary Resource

Take a fascinating journey through our solar system…

The Invention of the Aeroplane Primary Resource

Find out about the key events in the history of the aeroplane

Human Heart Primary Resource

Learn all about the human heart…

Science with Dr Karl: How do birds flock?

Dr Karl explores how birds flock

Jaguars on the hunt: Science primary resource

Explore how the jaguar lives and hunts in its South American habitat

Flower facts: Science primary resource

Discover unusual facts about well-known types of flower

Sea turtle: Science primary resource

Discover how marine rescue organisations help sea turtles in trouble

Habitat investigation: Science primary resource

Learn about the different creatures that live in or around a pond

Endangered tiger: Science primary resource

Discover how a Siberian tiger cub was rescued and rehabilitated

Growing the crown jewels

Learn how to grow your own crown jewels in this exciting lab experiment

African Fish Eagle: Science primary resource

Discover the super strengths of this majestic bird

Dogs to the rescue: Science primary resource

Learn about the long history that humans have with dogs and how they help us

Peculiar plants: Science primary resource

Explore the unique and unusual features that plants can possess

Mars mission: Science primary resource

Explore what life may be like in space and on the Red Planet

Digestive system: Science primary resource

Learn about the different organs that make up the digestive system

Forest frogs: Science primary resource

Discover why these amphibians are under threat from a fungus

Rainbow rocks: Science primary resource

Discover how rocks are made up of different layers

Insect safari: Science primary resource

Discover different species of insects found in the UK

Reptile facts: Science primary resource

Learn about the different features and characteristics of reptiles

Manta Ray Facts: Science primary resource

Discover ‘7 cool facts’ about this endangered sea creature
General Science

7 steps to surviving an apocalypse (according to science!)

What would YOU do if the world was ending?
General Entertainment

Google Science Fair!

Time to get inspired, gang…

Science with Dr Karl: Immortal Jellyfish!

There have always been myths about immortality, that is, being able to live forever.
General Science

Scientists discover bacteria can “see” like tiny eyeballs!

Scientists have finally explained how bacteria senses light…
General Science

BBC micro:bit – what’s it all about?

How does it work and what can it do? We investigate…
General Entertainment

Head out of this world with the Science Museum!

Experience Earth like never before!
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