Discover more about these intelligent creatures in our fab facts about rats…

1) Rats are medium-sized rodents with a long tail. A group of rats is called a ‘mischief’!

2) Rats are mainly nocturnal and live underground. Although they vastly outnumber humans, we rarely see them. They are experts at staying out of sight!

3) Throughout human history, rats have travelled with us around the planet, stowing away on boats and settling wherever humans live. They feed on the food we throw away and can spread diseases among humans, like the medieval Black Death, which was spread by fleas that lived on rats.

4) Rats’ super-strong teeth never stop growing! They have to keep nibbling to wear them down – or eating would become impossible!

5) Their whiskers are more sensitive than human fingertips! Rats brush the long hairs against objects or the floor, helping them build up a detailed picture of their environment.

Rat facts: image of cute rat

6) With eyes on either side of their head that can move in opposite directions, rats are even able to see what’s happening above them. Very handy for spotting any rat-eating birds!

7) Rats can hear well, including sounds that are too high-pitched for humans to hear. They may also ‘smile’ with their ears! When they’re happy their ears relax, become droopy and slightly pinker. Aww!

8) They wash by constantly licking their fur – sometimes they’ll even ‘comb’ it into place with their teeth. Yes, rats are squeak-y clean!

9) Rats’ long tails are used for balance and to keep themselves cool – they can direct some of their body heat out through them! They’re also great swimmers, able to hold their breath for several minutes.

10) A single rat can leave 25,000 droppings a year – pooey!

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Images ⓒ Getty Images: rat (141167926), rat on girl’s shoulder (929956456).



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    i have two rats named gerald and gorge there so cute one is black and white and one is orange and white there so cute and they love being on your sholdure sorry i cant spell but they are so cute and when ever i tell my friends i have pet rats they always think of sewer rats like the grey ones but there so friendly and nice

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    My Chinese zodiac is the rat

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    No wonder rats have a bad rap that is a lot of poop!

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    Some rats are being used in labs so people can use them to test medicane on them. Personally I think this is wrong, 'cause rats are helping save lives but maybe the medicane could kill them and I know this because I read the february issue of NG KIDS. And i for one know that people think rats are vermin but as I might be a scientest when I'm older but I know rats may seem vermin but if you look a little closer you'll see how amazing they are and I think this is wrong

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    The rat dance

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  • I hate rats but I love National geographic kids it is amazing

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