Ever wonder what it’d be like to travel back to the time of the dinosaurs? Well, head over to EventCity, Manchester before 2 January 2018 and experience it for yourselves, gang!

Step back in time to an era when these giants roamed the Earth! Dinosaurs in the Wild is an epic blend of live-action theatre, theme park and the very latest scientific knowledge that transports you 67 million years back in time for a safari like no other. Rooaar-some!

Take a wild ride

Travel across the jaw-dropping plains of the Cretaceous period, where you’ll come face-to-face with the most incredible creatures to ever live (apart from the NG Kids team, of course!). You’ll meet mighty beasts like the Triceratops and the Tyrannosaurus as they roam free in the stunning prehistoric landscape. Just don’t leave your transport vehicle or you could become a dino dinner!

Dinosaurs in the wild 2

Get up close and personal

Then, visit the incredible research station TimeBase 67, where scientists are hard at work studying the ancient animals. Catch them up-close in cages, watch babies hatching from their eggs, and observe the autopsy of a giant dino. You’ll learn lots of cool facts, and if you’re brave enough, you can even plunge your hands into piles of poop to discover more about their diet. Pee-yew!

To prepare you for your time-travelling trip, here are five t-rexcellent dino facts!

Dinosaurs in the Wild

At 33-m-long, the blue whale is actually bigger than any dinosaur we’ve ever found, and probably the biggest creature to ever live!

Dinosaurs in the Wild

Most scientists believe that a giant meteorite hit the Earth 65.5 million years ago and helped cause the extinction of the dinosaurs. The impact crater can be seen in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to this day!

Dinosaurs in the Wild

The time in which the dinosaurs lived is split between three periods: the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous. We live in a period called the Holocene, which started just 11,700 years ago.

Dinosaurs in the Wild

Though it measured a colossal 9-m-long, the stegosaurus actually had a brain the size of a nut. Good thing they didn’t have GCSEs in the Late Jurassic period!

Dinosaurs in the Wild

A stretch of English coastline between East-Devon and Dorset is world famous for being home to many dino fossils and even preserved footprints. Wow! For that reason, it is known as the Jurassic Coast!

Dinosaurs in the Wild

The Patagotitan is the biggest dinosaur ever discovered, and the biggest land creature ever. It measured 37m in length and weighed a ground-shaking 7 tonnes (that’s as much as 11 African elephants!)

Dinosaurs in the Wild

The name dinosaur comes from the Ancient Greek words deinos and sauros, meaning terrible lizard. Just don’t tell them!

Dinosaurs in the Wild

There could be a dino in your garden! No, seriously! All modern birds evolved from dinosaurs. The first bird-like dinosaur was called Archaeopteryx which means first wing.

Dinosaurs in the Wild

Some of the earliest dinosaur bones uncovered were by an historian called Chang Qu in China nearly in 300BC. As people weren’t yet aware of dinosaurs, he mistakenly labelled the fossils as dragon bones.

Dinosaurs in the Wild

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for 165 million years. To put that into perspective, modern humans have only been around for 200 thousand!

Dinosaurs in the Wild

Head over to dinosaursinthewild.com to book tickets for your prehistoric adventure.




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