We’re batty about bats here at Nat Geo Kids! Did you know that there are roughly 1,300 species of bat in the world? That’s around a fifth of all mammals! Meet some of our favourites…

Straw-coloured fruit bat

bat facts and pictures for kids

This mango-munching megabat from sub-Saharan Africa is known to gather in groups of millions and has a wingspan of up to a metre across!

Grey long-eared bat

bat facts and pictures for kids

One of Britain’s rarest bats, this long-lugged beauty is found across the south of England. Roosting in the roofs of old buildings, plus caves, mines and cellars, it’s believed there are now only 1,000 remaining.

Thomas’s house bat

bat facts and pictures for kids

What could be more ghostly than a see-through bat? With its incredible transparent wings and a white belly stripe, this insect-eating bat from west and eastern Africa is very unusual – and a bit of a mystery.

Tube-nosed fruit bat

bat facts and pictures for kids

This peculiar chap is found on some remote islands of indonesia, in Australia and in Papua New Guinea. Discovered in 1984, its long nasal tubes stretch and vibrate when the bat makes its high whistling call.

Honduran white tent bat

bat facts and pictures for kids

Just 4cm long, this weeny white mammal from Central America roots underneath large waxy leaves of rainforest plants. It nibbles the leaves so they fold down, creating a tent. Cute and clever!

Greater bulldog bat

bat facts and pictures for kids

This strong mammal from Central and South America chomps on fish, crabs and scorpions. It scoops fish from the surface of the water with its feet, using echolocation* to detect their ripples on the surface.

To discover more about bats, and to find out how you can help these fascinating creatures, fly over to bats.org.uk

*Bats send out waves of sound from their mouths or noses, which bounce off their surroundings right back to their ears. By listening to the echoes bats can build up a picture of exactly what’s around them – including juicy insects!
Thomas’s house bats © Dr. Emma Stone; Greater bulldog and tube-nosed fruit bats: Nature Picture Library; All other images © Getty Images UK.



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