danger mouse bookIs it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s a small white mouse on a mission – to meet your bookshelf!

Our loveable secret agent strikes again in this range of hilarious new books. Take the Danger Mouse experience home with you – and read it cover to cover!

See what everyone”s favourite mighty mouse gets up to in these pesky page turners…

Danger Mouse: Are We Nearly There, Yeti?

Following on from the first action-packed adventure story, Danger Mouse: Licence to Chill, this gripping second thriller is told by Danger Mouse’s hilarious sidekick, Penfold, documenting one of Danger Mouse’s most dangerous missions yet…

After deciding that Penfold could do with learning some super survival skills, Danger Mouse takes him on a treacherous trip to the Himalayas to tackle Mount Everest. The trek takes a spooky turn when Penfold and Danger Mouse find themselves under attack from a mysterious villain!

Are Penfold”s suspicions of a Yeti real? Or is there something even more terrifying hiding atop the mountain peaks? Yikes!

Did you know…?

Mice are (squeaky) clean! Their homes are tidy and organised and have specific areas for sleeping, eating and going to the loo!

Danger Mouse: Scribble Book

danger mouse scribble book

Calling all doodlers! You’re going to love this scribble journal with a twist – it’s threatening to self-destruct (and take the universe with it) if it isn’t completed!

Danger Mouse did start filling it in but he got waylaid on a special mission, so it’s up to YOU to complete the journal and save the world – piece of (cheese)cake, right? 

Did you know…?

Mice have facial expressions that communicate their mood to others

Super stickers!

He’s the strongest, he’s the quickest and now he’s the stickiest, thanks to two sticker books in his name: Danger Mouse: Official Sticker Book and Danger Mouse: Sticky Situations.

Jam-packed with fun activities and hilarious profiles, you’ll have no end of fun sticking these Danger Mouse stickers all over, well, everything (just not on the cat)! 

Did you know?

Mice are mini explorers! They squeeze through tiny gaps and bite through strong materials to get around

 Win the brilliant books!

danger mouse books

Want to know more? Well now’s your chance, as we give you the chance to win your very own super set of books.

Simply head to penguin.co.uk to enter. Good luck!

Danger Mouse: Are We Nearly There, Yeti? and Danger Mouse: Official Sticker Book are out on 3 October 2016 – we can’t wait!

See penguin.co.uk for more missions and top squeak-ret info.




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