Child Genius 2017

Calling all budding young brain-boxes! 

Do you love learning? Are you bursting with facts? Then hold on to your thinking caps gang, because Child Genius – the Channel 4 show that tests the brightest kids in the country – is back for 2017, and they’re looking for brilliant kids like you to take part!

Meet some of the wisest kids around for a battle of the brains, testing your knowledge in quick-fire quizzes, scientific games, strategy puzzles and logic teaserscool!

Apply now!

Have YOU got what it takes to be the next Child Genius, gang? Yes?! Then head on down to the Child Genius open day in Central London on 26 November 2016! Organised in conjunction with British Mensa, it”s set to be a brain-teasing day of puzzles, quizzes and games plus a chance to meet other kids who love to learn – just like you!

For more information or to secure your place at the open day, ask a parent or guardian to call 020 7241 9225, email or head to and click on “Take Part” – applications are open now!

Meet Rhea, last year’s champion!

Child Genius Rhea

Child Genius 2016 champ, Rhea, with her family and glistening trophy! 

Rhea came to last year’s open day and went on to take home the Child Genius trophy! We caught up with her to find out what it”s like to be a junior mastermind…

NG KiDS: Hi Rhea, congratulations on your Child Genius win! How does it feel to be the brightest kid in the UK?

Rhea: Thank you so much! Winning the competition has been, so far, the greatest achievement of my life. I genuinely enjoy learning new things so it was actually a pleasure to participate and because I approached the whole process as if it were a game, I had a ton of fun as well. I wish I could do it again! 

Has winning the competition opened any doors for you?

Rhea: Winning the competition has given me loads of opportunities to promote my love of learning. I’ve done a lot of TV, radio and print interviews. What I’m most excited about though, is having launched my own blog where I share tips for learning. Check it out at and let me know what you think! 

What is your favourite school subject, and why?

Maths has always been my favourite subject because I like the satisfaction of there almost always being just one correct answer.

Tell us a cool fact…

A reindeer’s eyes (specifically, a layer of tissue behind the retina) change colour from gold in the summer to blue in the winter. Cool, right?!

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I would be a giraffe. They’re tall, which I really wish I were. Also they’re herbivores and I am a vegetarian. They also seem so graceful to me, and as a dancer, I really love that.

What the finalists say…


Child Genius Stephen and Georgia

Brother and sister duo Stephen and Georgia came third and fifth in the competition – and had a blast! Here”s what they had to say about it…


“Child Genius is a great experience. I got to meet other children who had similar mindsets and a great sense of competition.”


“A unique experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I found several friends that have similar interests that I wouldn”t have made in my normal life.”

The duo’s parents, Claire and Kevin

“Originally we were reluctant to do it – however, as a family, we had so much fun and had such novel experiences that I would heartily recommend other families to do it and enjoy the moment.

“We learnt a lot about ourselves and our children and they have grown in confidence as a result of this competition.

“We”ve stayed in touch with some of the other families and Stephen and Georgia have made some great friends.”

Cool, eh? Keen to get involved? Make sure you head to and click on “Take Part”. Just think, it could be you lifting the Child Genius trophy next!


If you took part in Child Genius, what would be your specialist subject? Let us know by leaving a comment, below!




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  • Bellatrix

    I love learning too but I prefer English Literature. I don't think I could take the pressure of the competition. I know a little boy who could do all of this though. He's literally a walking dictionary!


    I would do SCIENCE!

  • lovecats

    That is soooo cool

  • Saberie

    Awesome! My subject would be English but I am good at Maths...I'm not sure which one my one would be.

  • That is incredible imagine being the smartest kids in the uk !

  • Animal lover2000

    I know who could do this with MATHS!!!

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