Did you know that 14–20 September is National Coding Week? It’s dedicated to computers and how they work! Fancy getting in on the digital action? Then meet the brilliant new robot, Botley 2.0!

This terrific tech toy lets you enjoy the fascinating world
of coding – aka computer programming! Sound a bit brain-boggling? Fear not, it’s super easy and heaps of fun! Using a gaming-style remote control, you’ll be able to program Botley 2.0 to do all kinds of amazing things – such as move in specific directions, light up in different colours, play games, dance and more! Check out some of the exciting features of this super play set…


On the move! Using the remote control, you can program up to 150 steps that instruct Botley 2.0 to move in six different directions! 

Transform! Discover secret codes which turn Botley 2.0 into lots of different forms – including a police car, train, frog, a dinosaur and even a ghost! 

Play games! This bot loves to play! Challenge it to a game of ‘Botley Says’ and see if you can repeat the music it makes!

Bot boogie! That’s right, Botley 2.0 loves to party. Watch as it performs a dazzling light show and dances to the beat!

Obstacle course! Program Botley 2.0 to navigate around cones, flags and building blocks. See if you can get the bot to follow the winding lines on the coloured boards included, too! 

5 facts about coding!

Computers are controlled by computer programs or ‘code’ – sets of instructions that tell them what to do. When people create these instructions they are coding or programming. 

Many of our machines, devices and gadgets are controlled by computer programs – including smartphones, laptops, game consoles, washing machines, watches and aeroplanes!

People who write code have many different names – including coders, programmers, developers, software engineers and computer scientists!

Programs are needed for computers to work – but some programs are designed to damage them or steal information! These bad programs are called ‘malware’ and include things like computer viruses.

The world’s first ever computer program was written by a woman called Ada Lovelace in 1843 – 100 years before computers as we know them were invented. Wow! Learn more about Ada on page 24.


We have a brilliant Botley 2.0 Activity Set up for for grabs. Click here to find out how to enter!

For more information and stockists head to learningresources.co.uk



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