Join Rocky, Bill, Tiny, and Mazu as they follow their herd and encounter many exciting adventures along the way in Gigantosaurus!

From mapping the stars to searching for flowers, watch them gain independence and strengthen their friendships with each new challenge, all the while learning more about the biggest and most mysterious dinosaur of all, the Gigantosaurus!

Gigantosaurus starts on National Dinosaur Day
(1 June) on Tiny Pop.
Watch weekdays at 7.30am and 4pm!


Though the TV series is called Gigantosaurus, in real life, the gigantosaurus was a sauropod (a type of huge plant eating dinosaur). The big beast in the series is actually based on the meat eating Giganotosaurus. Similar sounding names, but very different dinosaurs!

The Giganotosaurus walked on two powerful legs. Its thin, pointed tail, would have helped it balance and make quick turns while running after prey at speeds of around 50kmph. Woosh!

The Giganotosaurus was even bigger than the mighty T.Rex, measuring up to 13 metres-long! However, both were smaller than the biggest ever carnivore, the Spinosaurus, which could grow to over 15 metres in length. Gulp!

It lived roughly 99.6 to 97 million years ago, in a period known as the late Cretaceous. It lived around the same time as the Argentinosaurus, the largest land animal (that we know of) to ever walk the earth. It may have even preyed on it.

The first Giganotosaurus fossil was found by an amateur fossil hunter in 1993 in Patagonia, Argentina


To celebrate Gigantosaurus coming to Tiny Pop, we’re giving away an Amazon Fire tablet. Click here to find out how to enter.

Tiny Pop is available to view on:

Freeview 207 | Youview 207 |

Sky 617 | Virgin 737 | Freesat 605

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