Are you a fan of Masha and the Bear, the 3-D family show that’s become a YouTube phenomenon? We sure are! And did you know this awesome animation is watched in almost every part of the world, and has been translated into 35 languages?!

We’ve teamed up with the creators of Masha and the Bear to give you the chance to win a seven-night family holiday on the island of Sardinia in Italy. Wow! We’ve got some fab Masha and the Bear toys from Simba up for grabs, too!

Masha and the Bear

In this tummy-tickling series, young Masha lives in a cottage in the woods in Russia. And she loves nothing more than exploring the world around her with her furry friend and grizzly guardian, Bear. But whilst Bear prefers a peaceful life, Masha has a taste for mischief – lots of it!

You’ll have heaps of fun as you follow the loveable pair on their many madcap adventures. And you’ll get to meet a bonkers bunch of animals along the way, too! But don’t just take our word for it…

Check out this collection of hilarious episodes below and watch how Masha and her pal Panda compete over, well, absolutely everything! Then laugh out loud as Masha puts her doctor skills to the test to treat a “very ill” Bear, before dragging him into an epic game of hide and seek! Get ready for a giggle, gang!

Meet Masha and her forest friends!

Get the lowdown on four of our favourite characters from this super series – Masha, Bear and Masha’s animals pals Panda and Penguin


Masha is an energetic little girl who wants to be friends with everyone she meets!  She’s super-cheeky and playful, too…
Lives: Russia
Likes: Playing, reading and exploring the world
Dislikes: Being bored
Favourite food: Porridge
Dream: To grow up quickly

Masha and The Bear


Bear is gentle, kind-hearted and loving. He spends most of his time looking after Masha – and he often finds himself the victim of her madcap antics!
Lives: Russia
Likes: Beekeeping and gardening
Dislikes: Disorganisation
Favourite food: Honey
Dream: To live a quiet, peaceful life

Masha and the Bear


Penguin is fluffy, cheerful and absolutely adorable! With his real parents missing, he calls Bear ‘Dad’. Awww!
Lives: Antarctica
Likes: Sleeping in the fridge
Dislikes: Heat and flies
Favourite food: Sardines
Dream: To fly

Masha and The Bear

Bonkers buddies! Penguin and Masha love getting up to mischief together like this…

  • They splash about in Bear’s paddling pool until it completely dries up!
  • A crazy snowmobile ride sends penguin flying!
  • They have a humongous snowball fight with Bear!


Bear’s favourite nephew, Panda used to be well educated, well mannered and beautifully behaved. But then he met Masha…
Lives: Tibet
Likes: Kung Fu and Wushu
Dislikes: Quitting
Favourite food: Noodles
Dream: To be the main character in the show

Masha and The Bear

Bonkers buddies! Panda and Masha are mega competitive – and their friendly battles always land them in hilarious scrapes like this…

  • They have a teaspoon ‘sword’ scuffle over some honey!
  • A cooking session gets messy when the chopsticks come out!
  • They team up to take on their babysitter, ninja style!

To meet more of Masha’s friends head to

Win an amazing holiday to Italy!

YOU could be heading off on a sun-sational summer adventure with Masha and The Bear…

Masha and the Bear

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