There’s no need to travel into space to explore our universe — simply blast off to the Science Museum in London!

Packed full of galactic goodies, stellar spacecraft, interactive exhibits and real-life space rockets, there’s everything that a young astronomer needs to begin their space mission.

Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet
Tim Peake’s descent craft the Soyuz TMA -19M spacecraft is on display at the Welcome Wing of the Science Museum.

Plus, you can now experience life aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in the stunning film, A Beautiful Planet 3D. Meet the crew members and see what it’s like to work (and live!) 400km above the Earth — all on the Museum’s super IMAX screen.

Float through the ISS and witness breathtaking views of the planet we call home, spotting some awesome natural phenomena as you go, like lightening storms and the northern lights — all from space!

Looking to fill your head full of fun facts about science, space and the super-sized IMAX screen? Then read on, gang!


Did you know?

Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet
Just one of the stunning views of Earth that Tim could see from the ISS!



The ISS is a large hi-tech laboratory where astronauts can carry out scientific investigations — 400km above the Earth!

Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet

On launch to the ISS, per tradition, each crew member was allowed to play three songs. Tim Peake’s choices were Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, U2’s Beautiful Day and Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars. What songs would you choose?

Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet

Football fans, would you believe that the ISS is as big as a football pitch? It’s over 108m long, end to end. Of course, playing a game of football on it would be tricky, thanks to the weightless conditions!

Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet

Tim’s journey from the ISS back to planet Earth took just over three hours. You can see the Soyuz Soyuz TMA -19M spacecraft he travelled in — complete with scorch marks from its re-entry into our atmosphere — on display at the Science Museum — cool!

Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet

Almost 13km of wire connects the ISS’s electrical power system. Imagine trying to untangle those!

Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet

Tim’s first meal aboard the ISS was a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea!

Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet

An IMAX 3D film is actually two films being projected perfectly in synchronisation with each other, one for each eye.

Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet

An IMAX film is so heavy that a fork lift is required to lift it in and out of position. The average IMAX film, if rolled out, would measure around 6km!

Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet

The IMAX screen is the height of four double—decker buses and 64 taxis could be parked on top if it were laid flat.

Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet

On 7 April, Tim Peake celebrates his birthday! Check out our cool competition, below, to tell us what special present you’d give him…

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Science Museum IMAX A Beautiful Planet

We’re giving you the chance to win tickets to see an IMAX film with your family at the Science Museum!

Experience the ISS on the big screen for yourself in the mesmerising movie, A Beautiful Planet 3D or pick another film showing of your choice — all viewed on one of the biggest screens in the UK, awesome!

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