Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure when this new film sweeps into cinemas on 19 August 2016! 


Dive into a thrilling tale of exploration, mystery and survival in this awesome new take on the classic novel, Swallows And Amazons!

Spending their summer in the Lake District, the story follows the inventive, daring and often treacherous adventures that two groups of mischievous young siblings get up to on a lake over the summer holidays. 



On their quest to make this holiday the best yet, they set sail on two dinghies – Swallow and Amazon – on an exciting summer camping trip with a difference, the siblings have their very own island!

However, it’s not all fun and games as they soon discover they may not be alone, and they must fight for survival as their make-believe games become a more startling reality…

Will they uncover the mystery of the two spies sniffing around camp? And will they win-over nasty nemesis, Jim Turner? You’ll have to watch the film to find out! 

Check out the terrific trailer!

We speak to the Swallows And Amazons cast…

Tatty (played by Teddie Malleson-Allen)

What did you enjoy most about filming in Cumbria?

The landscape is EPIC with the hills, waterfalls, lakes and the plants are super sized!

Susan (played by Orla Hill)

What are your memories of reading the book Swallows and Amazons? Do you remember feeling inspired by the children’s adventures?

I loved the independence and the freedom the children had, it’s something that we don”t get a lot of now. For example, the children said we want to go to the island, so they sorted it all out, and then they sailed themselves to the island. I think it”s inspiring that children had such willingness to try new things and different experiences – and were allowed to do them!



Nancy (played by Seren Hawkes)

How does filming in Cumbria differ from other locations?

Filming Swallows & Amazons in Cumbria felt really natural and made the whole adventure come to life.

John (played by Dane Hughes)

Favourite place in England?

Leeds – I stayed here whilst filming parts of the film and found it to be a really exciting and vibrant city with lots to do.



Peggy (played by Hannah Jayne Thorp)

Your favourite English holiday?

My favourite English holiday was when I went to church bay with my grandparents, mum and Great Grandad. I was only 4 and very small. Note the very small. I had a purple Dora kite and I kept letting go. My mum and grandad ran after it to catch it numerous times.

In a quiet corner of the beach my great grandad thought it would be good to tie the kite to my wrist so I wouldn”t let go. And I didn”t let go, because I couldn”t let go. But that didn”t stop the kite from blowing away, it just took my with it. As I was being dragged across the beach my grandma had to jump up and grab my little ankles and pull me back down to earth. All whilst my great grandad was laughing in the corner.

Bobby McCulloch (played by Roger Walker)

How does filming in Cumbria differ from other locations?

Filming was different as quite often we were in really remote places and we had to carry everything there, including the toilets and the kitchen!

swallows-and-amazons-film-orla-hill-seren-hawkes-roger-walker-dane-hughes-hannah-jayne-thorpFor more from the cast and to find out how to have your own amazing Swallows and Amazons summer, visit visitengland.com!



Catch the adventure in cinemas from 19 August 2016!

Swallows and Amazons is based on the novel by Arthur Ransome.




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  • Oceana

    Looks cool

  • Elyse

    I have seen the swallows ages ago and it is really good it's about an island the children to camping on by them selves.

  • ani,

    It looks soooooo good

  • ani,

    Cant wait to see that movie

  • morison

    It was a bit too scary!!!

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