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Sea Life

10 facts about great white sharks!

Learn all about the great white shark!
General Geography

Dare To Explore with Paul Rose!

Explorer Paul Rose tells us all about his awesome Arctic adventures, and how he came to do this super cool job!
Sea Life

Killer Whale Facts!

We get the lowdown one these magnificent marine mammals…
General Geography

Ocean facts!

Take a deep breath and join us as we dive to the depths of the sea…
Sea Life

10 blue whale facts

Discover these gentle giants of the sea!
Sea Life

Loggerhead turtle facts!

How much do you know about these beautiful sea creatures?
Sea Life

Leatherback turtle facts!

Check out our splashing facts about these fab reptiles!
Sea Life

Starfish facts!

Find out all about these incredible invertebrates!
Sea Life

Octopus facts

Discover the secrets of one of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures…
Sea Life

How YOU can help save our marine wildlife!

Will YOU help protect our endangered marine wildlife?
Sea Life

10 totally awesome facts about turtles!

Check out these turt-ally mad facts about turtles!
General Kids Club

Meredith’s mission to save our seas from plastic pollution!

This little girl has started a petition asking McDonald’s to reduce their plastic waste…

Russia facts

Learn about the world’s largest country!
Sea Life

Jellyfish Facts!

Join us as we travel the oceans far and wide with these electric jellyfish facts!

The Water Cycle!

Earth has been recycling water for over 4 billion years…
Sea Life

The Ocean’s Weirdest Creatures!

You’ll meet some seriously strange creatures here…
Sea Life

10 facts about bottlenose dolphins

Learn all about this magnificent marine mammal!
Physical Geography

Structure of the Earth!

Join us on our journey to the centre of the Earth!
Sea Life

Humpback Whale Facts!

Get the lowdown on these marine marvels…

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