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Country: New Zealand

New Year’s resolutions: 5 ways to help save the Earth

Discover ideas for setting your own New Year’s resolutions and consider tracking your goals

Colour facts: Art primary resource

Explore these fascinating facts about colour

Martin Luther King JR. primary resource

Learn about Martin Luther King JR. and his role in the Civil Rights Movement
  • QUIZ

    Which planet has the most moons?

Handwriting: English primary resource

Explore the characteristics of different styles of handwriting

English Story framework: Farmyard

Practise creating stories and writing them down using this simple framework

Ancient Egypt: Pyramids primary resource

Learn about the famous tombs and how they were designed (both inside and out)

Dinosaur primary resource: Identifying species

Discover the characteristics of some of the most recognisable dinosaurs

Animal myths: Fact or fiction primary resource

Evaluate evidence to discover the truth behind five super weird animal tales

Climate change: primary resource

Learn about global warming and what is being done to reduce its impact
General Geography

Dare To Explore with Paul Rose!

Explorer Paul Rose tells us all about his awesome Arctic adventures, and how he came to do this super cool job!

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