Win SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad! electronic board games

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3 May 2017

Ever heard of the phrase ‘you snooze, you lose’? Well, in SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad!, the exact opposite is true.

In this exciting electronic board game from Drumond Park, players must creep around the board to reach the kitchen fridge – where a slice of tempting chocolate cake awaits. Yum!

Along the way you must avoid a number of noisy hazards, such as the howling cat, the tinkling bell and Dad, who’s snoring loudly in the middle of the board. But beware – he’s a light sleeper! The slightest disturbance and he’ll bolt upright, sending you scurrying all the way back to the start. Yikes!

We’ve got 22 of these great games up for grabs!

The prize

22 lucky winners will receive one of these SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad! electronic board games.

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