The Giant Worm is written by Zena Hamid, aged 7, for Global Story Club.

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One hot summers day, there lived a unicorn, whose name was Ella, a fish, whose name was Tina and a bear named Binky. They woke up one morning and said that they were going on an adventure to the Bamboo forest, the closest forest from home.

They drove to the Bamboo forest by van. It was a ten-minute drive to the forest. They jumped out of the van and walked past the trees and saw that there was an enormous bamboo leaf in the way. They all climbed over it except Ella because her tail got snagged on the leaf. All of them tried to help, but they were too weak.

On a branch, they found a huge long worm. The worm looked very frightening at first as it was so long. Everyone screamed with fright! Ella saw the worm and tried to wiggle away. Ella’s tail got snagged even more.

The giant worm said, ‘Do not be afraid of me. My name is Magical Pilly. I am a magical worm because I have saved my family from humans trying to eat us! I can help you.’

Ella was still a bit afraid of Magical Pilly because she thought that she might hurt her. But when Pilly started to help Ella she realised that she had put anesthetic on her. Pilly unknotted Ella with her magical ability. Ella was finally free after a whole hour.

Ella and her friends thanked Magical Pilly for saving her. They all lived happily ever after.


Global Story Club is created in partnership with The Story Island Project –The Story Island Project is a not-for-profit that uses creative storytelling to engage and connect individuals and communities. The Story Island Project believe that storytelling is at the heart of literacy. And literacy helps build strong communities. It’s all about inspiring people to tell stories and see their world in a new way. Find out more at The Story Island Project.





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