For a chance to win a fantastic holiday to Costa Navarino on the coastline of Messinia, Greece, we asked our readers to design a postcard from this beautiful destination! It was a tough decision, but Emma Urquhart, 13, was crowned the winner with her cool and colourful design!

Your postcards

We received lots of awesome entries showing beautiful images of Messinia”s ancient monuments, pink flamingos, sea turtles and more. Check out some of our favourites!

Your postcards

Your postcardsYour postcards

Your postcards

Your postcards

Your postcards

Your postcards

Your postcards

Your postcards

Your postcards

Your postcards

Your postcards

Well done to all those who entered – we were super impressed!




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  • BELLA34965


  • SnowLeopard

    Awesome designs!

  • sophia1234


  • Jes05

    I loved all of your postcards of the runners up but Jill o Driscolls was incredible and my personal favourite! Did anyone else enter an art competition with their school to have there picture in the ashmolean museum? I had my picture in the last two years although I dont think last years pic deserved to be in it.great postcards guys I loved then all!

  • hannebra

    way to go.

  • beatrice

    I really like all the amazing postcards the art is a miracle

  • trick9

    bam what!

  • trick9


  • trick9


  • coolcat2

    wow i luv those

  • Mb


  • Mb

    Very good

  • befriendsforever1234

    they are amazing !

  • Jazzy

    So Good

  • Alexa

    brill picks

  • Aimz


  • Break-free

    I love them all!

  • coolcat2

    i love your pics

  • coolcat2

    amazing postcards! i like the one with the dolphins

  • Nicolette


  • PikachuAmy8

    Cool pictures!

  • Zelda2512

    Emma has a real talent for drawing! I also love Emily Roes dolphin idea! There were so many good designs, but I think my favourite would have to be...... Emma- just like NG kids!

  • sophie28

    so cool

  • Sophia-L

    These are all so cool :) I love them, It must have been really hard to have chosen a winner!

  • A6--3

    I wish I had such amazing imagingation! Well done!

  • dizzy

    cool postcards

  • Grace-123

    So cooooolð

  • nadya

    nice pics. i like it : )

  • Ariana-Grande

    Literally amazing! lol

  • Pudding-101

    So cool evryone! I love your desinigns!

  • Lilac

    Wow guys awesome pics wish I was that good. #totallycool

  • Hermione

    Photos are cool!

  • Hermione

    These photos look awesome!

  • sophia

    wow ! all of these are super amazing wish i could draw like you guys. well done

  • sophia

    OMG ! wow guys ,these are amazing well done everyone .

  • alicja-elizabeth

    love all the creations!!

  • Nelephant

    I cant believe how brilliant the designs are,wish I was as good as that!

  • Nelephant

    I love the designs on the cards, Im quite jealous!

  • swirlycat6

    Awesome pics guys I entered but sadly didnt win congratulations ;-)

  • charlotte

    all of them are great well done to everybody who entered lol

  • Scarlet

    I love The pic I wish I could do it.!!!!😉

  • Ice_Cream_Chamelion

    YAY!!!!! Im one of the runners up! :) The one with an Octopus holding a sign saying Missenia and a Chamelion licking an ancient warriors ice cream.

  • Bubbles_the_dolphin

    Well done! Mine is up here! My name is on it- Axelle Cant wait for more competitions!

  • Nikki-Richards

    Well done everyone who tried ! lol x

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