You might know Sir Richard Branson as a super successful billionaire entrepreneur, and founder of the Virgin Group. But did you also know that he’s a pioneering record-breaker, daredevil and adventurer? And that he’s explored the world (and beyond) by balloon, boat and spaceship?


All of Richard Branson’s escapades have been made into awesome animations like the ones below!

Head over to to watch the rest…

A new video will be released each week!


Read on as we chat to Richard about his incredible life…

Hi Richard! We love the new animated poems of your adventures! What made you decide to write them?

I wanted to share them with my grandchildren – they’re so curious and they are always asking me questions about what I’ve done. I hope it inspires them – and anyone else who watches them – to go out and have their own adventures, too.

Have you always written poetry?

Yes. I’ve still got some of the poems I wrote to my first girlfriend as a teenager! I love telling stories in every form. Stories have so much power – they can bring people together, share important messages and make us smile.

Of all your adventures, which one are you most proud of?

Going to space! It has been a dream of mine since I was a child and nothing could have prepared me for the view of Earth from space. It was magical.

What does zero-gravity feel like?

Like freedom, in its truest sense. There’s something really calming yet thrilling about weightlessness and floating around looking down at Planet Earth. Such indescribable beauty.

What motivates you to keep on breaking records?

One of my greatest fears in life is standing still – making progress and driving innovation is what motivates me most. Quite often that means doing things that have never been done before – if we’re breaking records, it usually means we’re on the right track!

You’ve achieved so much in your life – despite leaving school aged just 16. What was your experience of school?

I found it very challenging. I had dyslexia and the blackboard looked like a jumble to me. My teachers thought I just wasn’t very clever. When I got a bit older I realised that dyslexia can also be a superpower: it can help you solve big problems and think creatively. We should all celebrate our differences.

Totally! Can you remember your very first adventure?

When I was about six, we were driving home and I was misbehaving. My mum chucked me out the car and told me to walk home! It taught me a good lesson about consequences, and to think for myself — there were no phones with maps then so I had to find my own way home. My mum was incredibly loving but she helped me become independent. She encouraged me to take risks even from an early age.

What qualities do you need to become a successful entrepreneur?

To be human! Every single person (yes, including you!) has what it takes to go out there and have adventures. Start small by trying something you’ve never done before. Get comfortable outside of your comfort zone. An entrepreneur is just a fancy word for a problem-solver.

What advice would you give to kids who want adventurous lives?

Find what you enjoy and pursue it with a passion. See life as an ongoing opportunity to learn something new — and you will have lots of adventures. I’m ‘Dr Yes’ as I struggle to say ‘no’ to things! That has taken me down some hair-raising paths but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ha! Thanks Richard!


You don’t need to be a billionaire to break records or have adventures. Here are Richard’s top tips for epic experiences in your own backyard!

1. Snail Race

Who needs speedboats and balloons when you can race snails instead?! Gather a few up from damp places in the garden, one for each player. Then draw a circle about 50-70cm across using chalk and place the snails in the middle. The first snail to reach the edge of the circle wins!

TOP TIP Keep the track wet, return the snails to where you found them and wash your hands afterwards!

2. Camp Time

Pitch a tent in your garden or yard and brave the elements for a night outdoors. Gaze up at the stars before bed and then set an alarm for sunrise to watch the sun come up!

3. Break a Record!

Want to become a Guinness World Record breaker, like Richard Branson? It’s totally possible! Try beating the record for the most socks put on in 30 seconds – the current record is 28, set by Pavol Durdik from Poland. Find more ideas at

4. Scavenger Hunt

Head out into nature to see how many interesting things you can spot. Before you go, write a list of things to look out for or collect. Use the ideas below or ask an adult to help you think of more.


5. Cloud Watching!

If you want to make things happen, you have to dream big! So stare up at the clouds and let your imagination run away with you. Write your biggest ideas down here…

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    i love nat geo ive got the mags for nearly 4 years now

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    I love Brandon’s experience in the outdoors.

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