Grand prize winner – “Dino biscuit raid” by @TopsyFogg on Twitter

Good Dino DVD

Did you enter our #GoodDinoDVD competition? Check out our fave entries, plus find out who won, below!

To celebrate the release of The Good Dinosaur on 3D Blu-rayTM, Blu-rayTM, DVD and Digital Download we held an exciting competition to win The Good Dinosaur goodies with TOMY.

To be in with a chance of winning, we asked you to send us pictures of your dinosaur toys in mischievous poses – as though you just caught them up to no good…

And you didn”t dissapoint, check out some of our favourite entires, plus find out who won!

Please note this competition is now closed and the winners have been notified.

“But Mummy hadn’t finished reading that!”

Good Dino DVD

This photo, sent in by @drinkshoprock on Twitter, was one of our grand prize winners!

‘Dino biscuit raid!’

This entry from @TopsyFogg on Twitter was our second grand prize winner!


‘Dinosaurs helping me with my LEGO’

This photo by Shawn Mille was one of our runners-up.


This photo by Instagram follower @alexaaandra_t was one of our runners-up.



This photo by Twitter follower @LoopyLouVix was one of our runners-up.


‘Uh-oh – we found the dinosaurs stealing Woody’s hat this morning!’

This photo by Instagram follower @livingafullerlife was one of our runners-up.


‘Hungry Dinosaurs’

This photo by Franciszek was one of our runners-up.


‘Dinosaurs do dinner!’

This photo by Oliver Back was one of our runners-up.



This photo by Olivia Hanlon was one of our runners-up.

Some more of our favourites…

Not everyone could win our #GoodDinoDVD competition, as much as we thought you all deserved it! Here are a few more of our favourites that we couldn’t resist giving a special mention…

“Despite T-Rex’s best efforts, Steggie got his caffeine fix first!”

This photo was sent in by Twitter follower @angep1969!


This photo was sent in by Twitter follower @poeywatson.

“Ry woke up this morning and discovered the naughty dinosaurs had attacked his Easter eggs!!”

@superluckydi sent us this photo on Instagram!

“Just caught my dinosaur cutting up my money!”

Twitter follower @WalulasLap sent us this snap!

“Can’t bring them anywhere!”

Ruby Hamilton sent us this photo.

“Dino reading time!”

Sam Johnson sent us this photo of these dinos tucking into a copy of NG!

“Getting ready for the dino-disco!”

Aubrey Kelly sent us this photo – note the false eyelashes!

“Our naughty dinos up to mischief in Mummy’s make-up drawers!”

This photo was entered by @aimeeleworthy on Instagram.

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  • Squirrel-Bunny

    LOL!!!! I loved "But Mummy Hadn't finished reading that!"

  • Mia

    This is awesome

  • Imogen

    So cool, my favourite has to be the the book scene

  • Ziggy

    Very funny.Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Merriam

    Those photos of dinosaurs doing fun stuff are so cool! Well done! - Merriam

  • Megan

    Funny and silly :)

  • coralreef101

    absolutely hilarious!

  • milesandella

    we love your pictures we love dinosaurs



  • zaza

    so funny!!!

  • Eabha Keating!

    So funny! Hahaha. I love it.

  • sebastianstarr

    I love what you did with the dinosaur cutting the paper money.

  • Monty fogg

    Best thing ever

  • Mathew

    I liked when they chop off the money

  • starmoon1231336413656198

    I loved the one that said Get ready for the dino disco.

  • BaylieandLexi

    The funniest part when the dinoursaur ripped the money!!! I loved when the dinoursaur took the cookies

  • olivia23

    i like the picuture of the dinoursaur when he cut the money.

  • yanyan

    poor dinosaur it got printed

  • neptune

    lol! I loved the dinos riping the book : }

  • Slogoman

    wow!!!That is realy funny!!!!!

  • Chimezro

    I really liked when there were choping of the money

  • Mrfish

    I realy liked the dinos eating bisucits and panting!

  • MissB

    I really liked when the dinosaurs ate the biscuits! I thought it was really funny

  • sarahsophie


  • liliajes

    some very naughty dinos here!

  • Sam-y


  • AdoADC

    Ha Ha so good

  • Elena910


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