To celebrate the release of Postman Pat: The Movie, NG Kids went on the search for a real-life Jess – Pat’s famous black and white cat!

To complete our mission, we asked our readers to send in photos of their feline friends, and tell us the name and a bit about their pet pal. Phoebe Patient claimed first prize with her Jess lookalike Oscar, and bagged a bundle of cool kitty goodies from charity Cats Protection, and a Postman Pat: The Movie DVD. Well done, Phoebe!

We received lots of fantastic entries, gang – check out some of our favourites…

Phoebe Patient

“This is my cat Oscar, on the left. Oscar’s favourite food is fish. He enjoys sitting on people’s laps and likes to sleep on our picnic table. He also likes clawing my grandpa’s slippers and trying to catch mice, too!”

Rachel Curson

“This is a picture of my cat called Buster. He’s five years old and is a nice friendly cat. He is cute and affectionate and always likes to have a curl up on the sofa.”

Jessica Foreman

“Meet my 16-year-old cat, Charlie. My mum and I got him when he was a kitten from a cat sanctuary. Charlie used to sit by my cot when I was a baby, protecting me. He loves cream cheese and even has it on his nose in the photo!”

Edward Hoy

“My cats Monty and Oscar like to sit in the car.”

Eve Boyden

“This is a picture of Gus. She is female which is unusual because most ginger cats are male. Gus is shy of everyone except me, and likes to sleep on my bed at night. She doesn’t like to be picked up but loves being stroked and enjoys climbing trees.”

Amanda Bond

“This is my cat Hector. He loves sleeping and eating fish. People think he looks a bit evil, but he likes to be stroked. He’s one of my best friends!”

Well done to all of you who entered!

Postman Pat: The Movie is out now on Blu-ray and DVD, Courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment




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  • Angelique


  • Peaky parrot

    I like cats and I love dogs.

  • I love cats and dogs

  • Turtle

    I have kittens called salt and pepper but they are not as cute as those cats.

  • pufferfish

    I have two cats who are black and they had turned 1 on the 12 of July their names are missy (a girl who is like a parrot because she sits on my mums shoulder and only my mum) and Monty (a boy who acts like a dog and me and him play fetch with sticks in my garden! he also brings in sticks, grass and leave sometimes flowers into the house my mum gets a bit annoyed though he is very heavy and has a rough hot tonge and gets very licky sometimes!)

  • Squirrel-Bunny

    Cats are the best! We have two at home, a black cat called Mala, and a black and white one called Meeka, and they are soooo adorable, just like the cats up there! I love cats.


    I love cats sooo much their sooooooooooo cute

  • Mustafa

    I love cats They sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute please forgive me for lots of ooooooooooooo

  • SnowLeopard

    aww they r adorable :)

  • xanthe

    i love cats so much! i have one of my own called poppy!

  • CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ella

    I really want a cat!!

  • Molly

    My cat's called Primrose

  • haylee mansson

    my cat is black. she is so cute but evil cos she kills birds.

  • Harry Potter

    One isn't even black and white

  • Awsomelion24

    My cat is here with me!

  • 370

    Awwwwww there so cute

  • burgernchips

    I absolutely love any animal as well as cats andall the cats on here are the cutest EVERRRR!!!!!!!!!

  • Alizaimran_2234

    The cooooooooooooooooooooooolest cats I have ever saw for now

  • Nicolette

    I love cats!

  • Kittyjamer95116-Ella


  • sunset

    I love it

  • Break-free

    My mum fosters cats for Cats Protection. Weve got a a black cat called Gizmo in the cat pen now!

  • RoyalKitties

    Cats are my PASSION!

  • Gamecrazy5

    I love cats!

  • Cool girl

    I love cats but my cat died last year called fraggle I still miss him now he was black and white

  • Break-free

    I have got 2 cats called Bluebell and Pedro

  • amelie02

    I have got three cats

  • Jacques

    It was easier for me and you have to

  • Jacques

    I have 2 cats 1 called Bob(girl) 1 called Rudi (boy)

  • sophia

    aw . super jealous i really want a cat . well done to all you winners

  • Eloise

    aaaaww their so cute

  • Ella

    Wow all those cats are so cute !!!! I wish I had a cat

  • dude

    Well Done to all the winners and I love your cats , their amazing !

  • Naomi

    I love it! I feel so cool finding out about other peoples cats

  • jude

    I have a cat called wabs and when she rolled over her tummy is so cute and fluffy

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