Marshmallow Laser Feast create virtual headset which allows wearer to experience life as an animal

A quirky new virtual-reality headset has been created which lets you see the world through the eyes of different creatures.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be an animal, wonder no more because this clever new piece of kit from multimedia artists, Marshmallow Laser Feast, transports you into the minds of animals so you can see, hear and feel just as an animal would!

Users see an artists impression of how trees and plants might appear to the forest’s inhabitants, and remote sensing technology allows the wearer to explore their surroundings – techy!

Marshmallow Laser Feast create virtual headset which allows wearer to experience life as an animal
Animal’s perspective: A view from the headset

Simply don the head gear and decide what creature you’d like to become, from frogs and dragonflies to midges!

The moss and vegetation-covered headsets create a three-dimensional experience that can make you feel as though you’re soaring over woodland like an owl or scurrying over the forest floor like a creepy crawly – you’re even able to feel vibrations like a real animal.

Many animals view the world in different colours to what humans do, so the results make for a pretty spectacular show.

“We’ve always had a hunger for hacking people’s senses by combining art and technology,” said Barney Steel, who worked on the quirky headset. “In the Eyes of the Animals gave us chance to use virtual reality as a first person perspective medium – the ultimate way to hack someone’s senses!”

The clever technology was trialled on some young testers in the Lake District, producing some pretty cool results!

And judging by the reaction of the wearer in the video (below), we’d say it’s a hit. Give it a watch, you’ll see what we mean!

Experience it for yourself by watching the video below!

If you could see the world through the eyes of an animal, what creature would you choose? Let us know by leaving a comment below!




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  • Thomas

    A fox

  • I would be a Jaguar

  • noodle

    I would pick ether a bird or a dolphin.

  • SnowLeopard

    i would be a fox! i love foxes, theyre so crafty and sly,and good with their hands! well paws! they are so amazing!

  • Lower School

    We'd love to see the world through the eyes of a tiger!

  • Nik21

    That's so cool. If I could see the world through the eyes of an animal, I would chose a tiger.

  • Giraffe ;)

    Love to be a giraffe: I would be tall for once.

  • #miya knebel

    WOW!! That was sooooo cool!! I wish I did that...... I loved the detail and colours!!!

  • -Koala man

    I really like what there doing with virtual reality headsets wish I could get my hands on this one

  • Holly-Anne

    that looks so cool!!!!!! I want to try!!!!!

  • Alollie

    Its a must have Im putting it on my birthday list which is 6 months away lol need now!!!

  • 764346

    i love it

  • 764346

    i love it, it is preciousa

  • 764346

    i love it, it is preciousa

  • 764346

    i love it, it is preciousa

  • nooba

    i hate this Vidio it keeps on pausing its so annoying

  • wolfbuilder2


  • michel

    wow i wold like to see in the eyes of a wolf dolphin orca and a dog

  • AJBOMG100

    I would want to see the world in the eyes of a squirrel or a mouse

  • Orca

    Someone tell me where do you buy them!

  • Jellyfish25

    Hashtag awesome!!!

  • rocknroll123

    please add a poison dart frog

  • rocknroll123

    weird and cool

  • NGkids

    Mega cool and awesome



  • Gracetiger

    This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I would probably like to see like my pet dog.



  • OliviaD

    I would like to see like a wolf

  • millieeeeeeee

    I would see through the eyes log a bird because Ive always wanted to fly like one.

  • Eden

    I would be a wolf, they are amazing!!!!

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