What’s In The Garden? is written by Charlotte Fennessy, aged 8, for Global Story Club. 

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Everyone is surprised when baby Joe jumps from his cot. What will he see on his garden adventure?

One foggy night at 12:06am, everyone in the Li’lsen family was asleep except for Joe. Joe was only 7 months old. You might think he was in his cot crying, but he was standing up in his cot staring at the door. He thought just this once that he wanted to jump out of his cot and run away.

And he did just that. As the fog cleared away, Joe was running across the garden. He saw lots of nature. First he saw some Allium roseum (Onion, Garlic Flowers.)  Then he saw some Anemone (Windflowers). Then, he saw a Big Fat Red Rose.

Joe moved away from the flowers and walked to some trees. First he saw a little birch tree. Then he saw an oak tree. After that, he saw a giant fat spruce tree. Suddenly, Joe saw Veronica walking towards him. Veronica is Joe’s Great grandma. She was 99 years old. Joe looked for a hiding spot but there was no time to hide!

“Joe, you have been out here for hours! Look at my watch.”

The watch said: 4:22.

Veronica lifted Joe up and carried him to their house. But then Veronica accidentely tipped over a little birdbath. There was water everywhere.

“Oops, its to early to fix that. I will fix that later in the morning.”

“Water,” Joe babbled.

“I know,” Veronica said.

Once they got to their home, Veronica put Joe in his cot. Veronica sang a lullaby. Joe fell asleep. When Joe woke up, he and Reegie, his mum, went outside. The water Veronica spilt was gone!

“It must have evaporated. Remember these 3 words: Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation,” Reegie said.

At last, Robert Joe’s cousin came and fixed the birdbath.  Everyone was happy.


Global Story Club is created in partnership with The Story Island Project –The Story Island Project is a not-for-profit that uses creative storytelling to engage and connect individuals and communities. The Story Island Project believe that storytelling is at the heart of literacy. And literacy helps build strong communities. It’s all about inspiring people to tell stories and see their world in a new way. Find out more at The Story Island Project.




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