Amazing Rhenan began taking part in conferences for young eco-heroes when he was just 11 years old! Now, this teen Changemaker is making waves by protecting river systems and spreading his passion for the environment wherever he goes…

It’s Rhenan!

Fast facts about Rhenan!

  • Name: Rhenan Cauê
  • Age: 15
  • From: Brazil
  • Passionate about: pollution, health, water scarcity

What needs to change?

When Rhenan’s family moved to a city named Araguatins, he noticed that the local Araguaia River, and the streams that fed into it, were heavily polluted.

This river was once relied on by thousands of families for water to cook with, wash with, and as a place where people could connect with nature. Sadly, the pollution meant that the river was no longer a healthy place to visit…

How Rhenan is helping!

Rhenan launched a project to clean up the nearby Brejinho stream. Together with a determined team of Change-making volunteers, Rhenan removed almost 1 tonne of waste from the river’s banks!

He inspired others to get involved with the project by going door to door, talking to local people about how clearing the river of pollution could improve their lives, and the lives of local wildlife. He also formed partnerships with the Fire Department, Environmental Police, and lots of local schools, who all helped out, too!

Now that one stream was clean, Rhenan wasn’t going to stop there… He’s now working with lots of other young people across Brazil, inspiring them to clean up their own local rivers! He’s also talking to local governments, encouraging them to support environmental protection policies that could prevent the rivers from becoming polluted again in the future.

Plus, now that the pollution is all cleared away, Rhenan and the volunteers are working to make the Brejinho stream even more beautiful, including planting seedlings, which will be great for the environment, too.

Now a known environmental hero, Rhenan has attended many important meetings across Brazil. He’s passionate about helping other young Changemakers make a difference in their communities – just as he did in Araguatins!

You can be a changemaker, too!

All you need is some passion, some inspiration, and to know that loads of other kids care just as much as you do! And you can get started in the Dirt is Good Academy, where you’ll learn about important global issues like pollution – and how you can make a difference.

Sign up today at The Dirt Is Good Academy!

What do you think about Rhenan’s cool work? Let us know in the comments below!




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