This eco-friendly slime is non-toxic, colourful and, although it wouldn’t taste too nice, edible. It has minimal clean up and no harmful impact on the planet, plus you can make it in just a few minutes – providing your kids with tons of sensory fun!

eco-friendly slime | a child mixes blue slime with their hands over a mixing bowl

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  • ½ cup/ 64g cornflour
  • 18-20 tsp water
  • Natural food colouring
  • Large bowl
  • Spoon
  • Small dish
  • Sieve (optional)

What to do

Step 1

Measure out the cornflour and sieve it into a bowl.

Step 2

Pour some of the water into the dish – at this point it doesn’t really matter how much – and add as much of the food colouring as you like. Remember: the more you add the richer the colour of the slime!

Step 3

Add the cornflour to the bowl along with some coloured water.

Step 4

Begin to mix with a spoon (or your hands, if you feel like getting messy!)

Step 5

Slowly add more of the coloured water and keep mixing until the mixture begins to reach a slimy, gooey consistency. This shouldn’t take too long but might get a bit messy! If it feels too watery, add some more flour and, if it feels too dry, add some more water.

Step 6

You’ll know you’ve reached the right consistency when you can scoop the slime out of the bowl, and it drips down in a gloopy mess. You should be able to roll it in your hands and, when you stop, it should go back to its original state.

Step 7

Enjoy your eco-friendly slime! It’s fun to play with and can be removed from hair and clothes with minimal hassle – because it’s made from natural ingredients, you can simply wash it out (though watch out, the colours may stain!)

What do you think of this eco-friendly slime recipe? Let us know in the comments, below!



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