bronze age wheel unearthed in cambridgeshireImage credit: Cambridge Archaeological Unit/Dave Webb

An ancient wheel dating back from the Bronze Age has been unearthed at Must Farm quarry in Cambridgeshire!

Thought to be from a cart, it dates back to 1100-800 B.C. – that’s 3,000 years old! It is the largest, earliest complete example ever found in Britain.

The wheel was discovered by archaeologists in Whittlesey, on the site of an ancient Bronze Age settlement nicknamed ‘Britain’s Pompeii’ – because of the perfectly preserved artefacts found there.

The village, which was built on small wooden stilts over a river, was destroyed in a great fire – the cause of which is still unknown.

bronze age wheel unearthed in cambridgeshireImage credit: Cambridge Archaeological Unit/Dave Webb

The find helps us to understand the types of technology that was available thousands of years ago, and proves that although the villagers lived over water, they also used carts on the drylands – probably for hunting and farming.

The wheel was discovered just a few metres from the largest round house on the site. Other exciting finds included a wooden platter, a small wooden box, textiles and amazing Bronze Age tools.

They even unearthed jars with food remains inside – which could help archaeologists work out what the villagers liked to eat!

bronze age wheel unearthed in cambridgeshireImage credit: Cambridge Archaeological Unit/Dave Webb

Duncan Wilson, Chief Executive of Historic England said: “This remarkable but fragile wooden wheel is the earliest complete example ever found in Britain. The existence of this wheel expands our understanding of Late Bronze Age technology and the level of sophistication of the lives of people living on the edge of the Fens 3,000 years ago.”

The artefacts found will eventually go on display at Peterborough Museum – so you’ll be able to see the wheel up close!

What do you make to this ancient discovery? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Images: Cambridge Archaeological Unit/Dave Webb



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  • Bob123

    That wheel i is amazing

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    the wheel is 3000 years old

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    cool amazing :-]

  • Anika

    wow . never seen anything like this before. well done archeologists

  • Prest

    I have always wanted to be an archeologist! The idea of making a huge discovery is incredible!

  • Poly

    It was fun to read LOL !!!!!!!!!

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    Epic! Cant believe my eyes!

  • Graham

    Id love to be an archaeologist

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    Wow so a some loll

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    Wow That is so cool!

  • Nettletons

    We will have to go to the Peterborough Museum next year, cant wait.

  • Daniel-L

    That is extraordinary of finding a she el from the bronce age

  • Dolphin2

    But amazing pictures This is pretty good

  • Dolphin2

    I think it needs some more facts.

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