Meet the Joan-Maree Hargreaves, the Editor of National Geographic Kids Magazine!

What’s your favourite thing about being the editor of National Geographic Kids Magazine?
I know it sounds like a cliché, but working with such vital, interesting subject matter makes my day. I don’t think there’s ever been a more essential time to start a magazine about nature and animals and the world we live in. Knowing that our readers are going to be the next generation of explorers, archaeologists, scientists, artists and astronauts is a pretty day-making idea. I couldn’t be more excited or prouder to be working on National Geographic KiDS.

How do you choose what goes in each issue?
We have some pretty lively editorial meetings! We’ve also got some pretty amazing colleagues around the world to help us. National Geographic KiDS is published in 18 different countries and we’re all connected and in touch with one another so there’s a lot of ideas sharing and sparking going on.

What do you think makes National Geographic Kids so special?
I think what makes National Geographic KiDS such a unique offering is its mix of meaningful content presented in a fun and interesting format. Everyone knows what to expect from the adult National Geographic and likewise National Geographic KiDS is guaranteed to deliver something educational but also entertaining – that’s why we like to use the word ‘edutainment’ when we talk about what we bring to the table.

Why do you think it is important to learn about animals, people and places around the world?
Animals and nature are universally interesting. The thing is, when we’re kids, we are fascinated with animals. They are very much a part of our imagination and everyday lives, be it through books, TV, storytelling or visits to the zoo. A wonderful by-product of having kids, it would seem, is that we regain that connection with animals that many of us lose as we move into adulthood. Our magazine is another opportunity for kids and parents alike, to discover that fascinating world, the animal world – our world. It’s like putting on a pair of nature glasses and finally being able to see it clearly again!

What age group is Nat Geo Kids aimed at?
Our reader age range is from 6 to 14 – it’s interesting, because I think the subject matter is so interesting to such a broad range of people – I mean most people find animals, nature and our planet interesting, it’s hard not to!

Is it suitable for both boys and girls?
It sure is – it’s suitable to anyone who is interested in our very wonderful universe!

What can you expect to find in each issue?
From wildlife to space, geography to the environment, it has all the incredible stories and dazzling images you’d expect from National Geographic packed into bite-sized chunks. Inside each issue, you’ll find fascinating fun facts about nature, science and culture, incredible photography, amazing stories from Australia and the rest of the world, puzzles, competitions and things to make and do!?

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  • nora

    i love national geographic kids magazines and i can not wait to get the next issue!

  • These magazines are great!

  • tanisa

    cant wait to get another magizine of yours!! like my new one!

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  • orlandotiger

    Hi i am Orlando i am really exited to get my first copy of the national geographic magazine. I also really love animals and insects so i think i might learn some stuff about animals in the magazine.

  • miao

    cant wait for next issue

  • Scarlet

    Joan-Maree Hargreaves is AWESOME

  • ellianna

    i love all of your magazines and i have entered loads of competitions so keep up the good work also your awesome they have so many cool facts which means you must love animals just like me.

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  • Leila

    HoW DOSE Birds come from a egg

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