fruity snacks

Do you love getting creative in the kitchen? Looking for some wild ways to get your five-a-day? Then you’ll love these impressive fruit creations – all carved into cute animals!

Great for a party piece or just for a bit of fun, here’s all the inspiration you’ll need for some truly bonkers bananas, sweet strawberries and cute kiwis! Just remember, always ask a parent or guardian to help you.

Fruit animals

1. Bottlenose banana

fruity snacks bottlenose bananaImage:

2. Strawberry mice

fruit snacks strawberry miceImage:

3. Kiwi turtles

fruity snacks kiwi turtlesImage:

4. Orange snail

fruity snacks orange snailImage:

5. Fruity flutterbyes!

fruity snacks fruity flutterbyesImage:

6. Pearcock

fruity snacks pearcockImage:

7. Watermelon monster

fruity snacks watermelon monsterImage:

Which fruity animal was your favourite? Let us know by leaving a comment, below!




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  • Zoe

    Wow the shark looks so good!

  • Iniya


  • Rex.Pan

    I liked the watermelon monster the most

  • SNaiL

    i liked the orange snail the most

  • Kipling Evans

    sounds delicious

  • Eunice

    It would be fun!

  • cool

  • Bla bla

  • Cool

  • hugh

    the fruity flutterbys were my favourite

  • lewis dainiel sanyasi

    i aubsulutly loved it

  • Ellen

    Great i wish i could make would proberly Uyrn out like IDK

  • Gabriela Sophia

    I will do this

  • soooooooooooo


  • Vedikalove

    I love it

  • Wyatt Pribnow

    My favorite is #6.

  • Sophie


  • Abby

    The turtles are so cute

  • Jonk

    So cool

  • Opal


  • Yum!!!

  • Brittany

    Wow can't wait to make them for my kids.

  • K1tt3Korn_11

    I like the Fruity flutterbyes!

  • maureen


  • Vaishnavi

    I love the ideas with fruits

  • Coco

    This is awesome

  • Sienna

    My favourite ones were probably the dolphin banana and the watermelon monster. P.S: I love your mags!

  • cool ideas

  • Lyla Berry

    Hi NG! I have just started reading your mags and REALY LOVE them! Thanks :)

  • Alexandra

    I Looooooove fruit.

  • Sonya Shatikova

    I love the watermelon monster and the strawberry mice!


    I want to eat them all

  • anna

    I liked the dolphin its cute

  • Amy

    i really like the strawberry mice and the kiwi turtles and my sister does too

  • Awesome

  • matilda

    my favourites are the strawberry mice and the fruity flutterbyes!!!

  • Hamster

    I love the Bottlenose Bannana and the Strawberry Mice!!! I think this is verry creative and it makes me want to eat fruit!

  • Mia

    OMG! I love these idea's there are so so so so so so so so so so coooooool!

  • loin face

    they are so cute for kids

  • Eliza the tiger

    I'm going to make some food animals right now!

  • haylee mansson

    i like the bottle nose banana! my brother does too!

  • Bronte

    Nice and healthy

  • jj kk


  • SuperNatureKid116

    SUPER HUNGRY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • animallover1700

    sup guys! this is epic! good for other kids who hate eating normal fruit

  • Aponsa

    I like the shark I might try it

  • Che10

    LoL! Those animals are Totally adorbs and you have inspired me to make my own at home.


  • Lili

    My favourite was the bottle nose banana because it looks like a dolphin and I like dolphins!

  • Hannah

    All I can say i "YUM!!!!"

  • sharlette

    cool! I love your fruity animals my favorite was the strawberry mice

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