This cool Christmas craft teaches you how to make a snow globe for your bedroom! What’s more, it’s a fab way to up-cycle used jars and decorations – so you’ll be helping look after the environment, too. Awesome!

How to make a snow globe

What you’ll need…

Clean empty jar
Super glue (and an adult!)
Plastic or ceramic toys or cake decorations*
Glitter (biodegradable is best!)
Glycerin (available from chemists)

*Use old toys/decorations instead of buying new ones. And make sure they fit inside the jar before you start!

Step 1

Unscrew the lid of your jar and ask an adult to carefully glue the toy to its inside, following the instructions on the glue packet.

Step 2

While it’s drying, fill the jar almost to the top with water.

Step 3

Add a dash of glycerin to the water and a pinch or two of glitter. The glycerin makes the water gloopy so the glitter falls slower – like snow. Give it a stir.

Step 4

Tightly screw the lid back on the jar. Check the water level – you may need to add more.

Step 5

Flip the jar over and give it a shake!

Make a few snow globes and give them as gifts to your friends!

Check out more eco-friendly gifts, here.

Images: ⓒ Creature Media Ltd.

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  • snake87

    totally works it's SO COOL!

  • Stella

    Wow! I really liked how we up–cycle our things. I will do this once! That's for sure!

  • Gingerbaby2167

    So great adored by evoke I am holding a sale to help rase money for charity £5 per globe

  • cassidy<3

    thank u!

  • mila

    love it

  • please accept commet

    thank you

  • bingbobgirlversion


  • Puppy

    Cool site to have fun on i think you will like it to.

  • Amelia

    This is a really good idea well done

  • cool

  • SAX

    love this

  • luv roblox

    i luv this snow globe

  • luv roblox

    this is cool i luv snow mans i made it s cool and easy

  • Danae

    This is so awesome and I love snow globes. I have always wanted to try making one! Me and my friends started eco club, so this'll be perfect for gifts! Thx for posting!

  • glitter dolphin

    I got a snow globe making set from one of my BFFs last Christmas .

  • Felix

  • Francescathecutest3028

    We don't have snow here, we are in the phillipines.

  • Liz


  • Sophie

    Wow, that looks soo cool

  • I love the new magizine i think it’s superb

  • Ava

    Wow it looks so cool I have always wanted to make a snow globe. I will have to make one for my friends. Can't wait.

  • Anoshay Aslam

    IT IS SO CUTE I cant wait to try it out . This is FANTASTIC and it is very easy to make.

  • natgeo rocks!!!!

    Wow this is an amazing craft I will add it to my list of X mas things to do!

  • rose

    lovely it's so easy to make!!!!!

  • llamaindy

    its one of the cute,s thing,s i have seen

  • Stephunique


  • Ameen

    This is Fantastic!!!!!!!!!It totally busts boredom + it is really easy to make!

  • Ava

    It looks so amazing!!

  • Divya


  • Shellly

    This Is Cool

  • Lindey The Turtle

    Wow This is So Cool Ima Try This At Home Its Looks So Easy And Awsome

  • Shawn the sad shark

    so want to try this myself at home!!! so excited to try it and show it to all of my friend

  • Shawn the sad

    so want to try this myself!!!

  • Olivia

    I am definitely trying this!!!

  • Braylen and Jayden Smith

    We made them as gifts for family members. It was a great idea.

  • Tedilicious

    I love Christmas snow globes.I have a collection of them.I can’t wait for Xmas

  • eric

    that is so good dude!!! I am ready to make

  • Hannah010709

    Cool but I never made a snow globe before but sounds like fun

  • Sebastian

    I cant wait for X-mas

  • Anchita

    Super! Will surely make it , 2 days before Christmas!



  • Kayla

    Hi I am having a Christmas parso i my do this with my friends .

  • Sadeola Oyebade

    hi .i live in cape town . but i love snow . i will try that out . and i like to watch our planet cheers sadeola

  • Karina

    Love it!!

  • Tayy

    This is so cool

  • Animal_Luver

    This is cool!! I am 100% gonna try this!

  • AMAZING!! I am DEFINITELY saving this!!!!

  • Rory

    I think i'm gonna make it on Saturday

  • i like making this

  • Klover


  • Cutesharkylover1

    This looks fun!!

  • jumanah

    soo cool

  • lion53989

    Looks really cool!!

  • Izzy marshall harloe

    So gonna do it.

  • Hannah

    off the hook I like it I can't wait to make my own snow globe

  • Julia


  • Adele

    I made my snow globe! It was amazing, thanks to you, national geographic! I gave it to my mother and she loved it! I will comment soon.bye for now!

  • Ada

    I’ve made one! It’s so cool!

  • Anuja

    I LOVE THIS! except that we didn't have glycerin i used something else I don't know what it is called. :)

  • KnownRat

    This worked really well

  • Someone

    Wow how cool

  • baby gorl

    super fun and cool! my lil sister loved it

  • Erica

    Great you should make more of these

  • Awesome!

  • Maggie McClure

    This is a really cool way to make a snow globe. I always thought you had to buy them but maybe I was wrong. This is awesome. By the way I am a big fan of national geographic I have lots of books and magazines by you. Thanks, Maggie

  • Dylan

    I am gonna have to try that!

  • siddit

    it looks fun!

  • Anli

    Going to give this awesome gift to my sister for xmas

  • Sarah


  • Pixelkittyqween

    Amazing! Wow! Looks so awesome

  • Karin

    soooooo coooool

  • Awesome, what a great gift

  • Layla

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy

    Sooo coool!

  • UJ_2010

    Amazing activity!!

  • Cool person

    Sooooo cool

  • Martha Richards

    I love Nat Geo Kids

  • Alizah Abrar

    I love this!

  • Bob

    Oooh sounds cool!

  • Can't wait to do this and give it to someone!

  • Eleanor Desai

    I mite make this and it's so glittery.

  • helene albert

    Wow, I want to get started right away!

  • this sound so fun!

  • pandas

  • sky


  • The Turkey 6666565

    OH!!!!!! That's cool!

  • costatita

    wow i can't wait to do it

  • Wow awesome!

  • Christina

    So cool I just love it need to try it now!!!!

  • Charlie

    I want to make one as soon as I get get a jar

  • Molly

    that's sooooo cool!

  • Amelia

    OMG I'M so need to try this its sooooooooooooooooo COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meh

    That is so cool! I want to make that

  • stefanie

    i really love it thank you it really helps keep up the good work

  • Bella

    I love Christmas so this will be fun!!!!!!!:)

  • gabrielle

    it was great

  • Kim

    Can't wait to try this!

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